Sunday, 20 September 2015

It's always sunny in Gusandall

The geo-static orbit of the station keeps us in the light, the warm glow of the sun washing over us every time we undock.

The Pirates of Gusandall were once feared across the universe, a kill or be killed union of miscreants from all walks of life, the station a hub for random acts of violence to which capsuleers were drawn to like moths to a flame. Some friends, many an enemy but Gusandall was home, our home.

Back in day the pirate menace brought rise to mighty anti pirate corporations and alliances, large fleets would roll through trying to stop the tide of malevolence, but much like the Pirates of old, they have all but disappeared, names lost in time.

But the Pirate legends still live, spoken in hushed tones in cantinas across the universe, some have become respectable ladies and gentlemen, with vast commercial and industrial empires, others have retired to enjoy the comforts of their plunder.
And then there were some who took their fights to more dangerous waters. 

The universe is a totally different place from those early days, advances in ship and weapons technology have shaped battles in countless ways, tactics evolving as fast as the industrialists built these machines of destruction. 

It was easier back then, low sec was the wild frontier where even large nullsec alliances feared to tread, it was the great unknown, and it was exciting. Legends forged and fortunes made.

As the universe has expanded and population has exploded, what was once feared and revered, now feels tame. 

I miss my Rifter, the smell of fuel and gunpowder, the rattle of auto cannons, the acceleration of micro warp, the satisfying explosions and rain of debris, pushing the limits and often exceeding them. 

I miss Gusandall... And I miss all of you!

Stay strong. Never surrender.
Strong hearts, Iron will.

Kane Rizzel