Friday 10 September 2021

[OOC] Things that don't make sense vol. 1

"While I'm still confused and uncertain, it's on a much higher plane, d'you see, and at least I know I'm bewildered about the really fundamental and important facts of the universe." Treatle nodded. "I hadn't looked at it like that," he said, "But you're absolutely right. He's really pushed back the boundaries of ignorance."

-- Discworld scientists at work
(Terry Pratchett, Equal Rites)

In my rediscovering of New Eden, cousin Kenny has come across this oddity: Analysis Kredits.
Finding a post on the EVE Forum that dayes back to 2018 pointed to the fact that they weren't available back then and the poster was asking why they are still a requirement for some items in the Loyalty Point store. So for something that is not available or grindavle, why are they still a requirement?

Well, they still are in 2021and it doesn't make sense. Maybe someone in CCP could explain.