Thursday 31 January 2013


People came to Ankh-Morpork to seek their fortune. Unfortunately, other people sought it too.
-- (Terry Pratchett, Soul Music)

Taking a small beak from EVE, mainly because I'm moving house again and it's going to take BT until March to get a technician to come install my Fibre Optic broadband, which is kinda annoying as I'm only moving down a flight of stairs. C'est la vie.

Until then you may see me log in from time to time to change skills, I will however let Keira and two other accounts lapse until I have everything sorted.

Good hunting and fly reckless

Edit: apologies to Sard Caid, he posted a comment to this blog post but the approve button is right above the trash button, it was this:

Run ethernet cable from the upstairs window up/down. 

I wish it were that easy, my old place is at the back of the building while the new one is at the front.

Wednesday 30 January 2013

New guy with a future

"Today Is A Good Day For Someone Else To Die!"

-- (Terry Pratchett, Feet of Clay)

Kane Rizzel > sup
Kane Rizzel > gf
Pyrath Valkur > Sorry, but I'm a fist timer and thought I might catch you off guard.
Kane Rizzel > always worth a shot :)
Kane Rizzel > no need to be sorry
Pyrath Valkur > That's what I thought. How'd you get such a low sec rating?
Kane Rizzel > you'll do well with an attitude like that :)
Pyrath Valkur > Thanks.
Kane Rizzel > I'm a pirate, I kill others for fun and profit, a low security rating is a consequence, been doing it a long time too
Kane Rizzel > every time you attack a pilot with a sec rating over -5 you get a security hit
Kane Rizzel > if you pod them it's a bigger hit
Pyrath Valkur > Seems like it. I had tried earlier today, but I didn't find anyone worth the kill.
Kane Rizzel > sometimes the kills aren't worth it, but practice makes perfect and you can still have some fun
Pyrath Valkur > Thanks for being cool about murdering me.
Kane Rizzel > hey man, it's not often people attack me, normally they run and I like you, so always worth a chat with cool people
Pyrath Valkur > Yeah man. Welp off to go rebuild my rifter.
Kane Rizzel > good luck and have fun o7
Kane Rizzel > :)

I like folk like this, reminds me of me when I was young :)

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Afternoons and coffee spoons... The lost art of conversation

- "Pardon me for living, I'm sure."
-- (Terry Pratchett, Mort)

The mighty Battle Probe of Doooom strikes again

EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Eifer
Brique Mason > wow dude really
Kane Rizzel > eject or die
Brique Mason > ill give you money if you let me go
Brique Mason > i dont even have gunns on my ship
Kane Rizzel > this is piracy, not a duel
Kane Rizzel > eject or die
Brique Mason > your just a bitch is not worried ill get my revenge
Brique Mason > pussy
Kane Rizzel > good
Kane Rizzel > may it be swift...
Kane Rizzel > bring friends
Brique Mason > look at cant bearly destroy this ship lol
Kane Rizzel > I'm in an astro frigate
Kane Rizzel > how embarrasing for you
Brique Mason > lol i got no gunns
Kane Rizzel > bring guns next time
Brique Mason > oh i will and a crew
Kane Rizzel > lots of em

At this point, with only a sliver of structure left, he ejects and warps his escape pod away before my target lock resolves, an alliance covops frigate decloaks and scans the contents of the now abandoned procurer and we decide the killmail is worth more to us than the contents of the barge...

The mining vessel explodes

Kane Rizzel > you come back soon now ya hear
Brique Mason > your cool
Brique Mason > will do

Should I have taken the money? Maybe, but had the fella been more amenable to civil dialogue I would not have wanted explodey time from the get go.

Tuesday 22 January 2013

A mighty fine shindig

A number of religions in Ankh-Morpork still practiced human sacrifice, except that they didn't really need to practice any more because they had got so good at it.
-- (Terry Pratchett, Guards! Guards!)

Piracy can sometimes be profitable, and then sometimes, it can just be a whole lot of fun. Today was such a day.

First off, a great test for the mighty Battle Probe, a threesome of consisting of two combat frigates and a high damage destroyer.

I had to do some work for this fight, an astrometrics frigate might be a daunting target so I undocked from Gus station and warped to the 1st belt, hoping one of the two that were outside would follow...

Eventually, follow they did, first the Catalyst lands, I engage, tackled and webbed, holding range, deploying a small fight of drones, my electronic warfare is doing a number on the tracking and range of his guns as the merlin lands, and range dictation becomes a game of cat and mouse as the Merlin closes rather quickly, I switch tackle to the Merlin as I try to get out of range, the Catalyst starts killing my drones.

My small armour repairer catches up as I'm now handily out of range of both ships guns, I deploy some more drones and take care of the Merlin, it explodes violently as the Rifter finally warps in but all attention is now given to the Catalyst as he continues to murder my drones... I shall not stand for this. All weapons overheated as his shields vapourise, his armour melts and his structure buckles, a satisfying explosion rocks the system before I zero in on the Rifter, my last two drones take care of the errant combat frigate.

Kane Rizzel > gf guys
Eva Alleile > yeah gf
The Monopoly Guy > gf

Later on, a Republic Fleet Firetail enters Gusandall, seemingly hunting, but you never know. I start hopping belts, hoping to narrow him down and eventually get a bead on him, he's engaging Angel Cartel frigates some one hundred clicks above the belt, my comrades in imminent danger, I strat to close, under impulse thrust, he starts to close at a quicker pace, his microwarp drive roaring it into battle. Once in range, scrambler and web glow green as I claw range, once settled comfortably I tear him apart, the mighty Battle Probe too much for the Republic Fleet's finest.

Kane Rizzel > gf
Dante Darkly > yeah not really
Kane Rizzel > you lost to a probe
K0rel > ^^
Kane Rizzel > take it like a man
K0rel > lol
Dante Darkly > shoulda expected as much from an older toon
Dante Darkly > i'm three months old i really don't care
Kane Rizzel > I ain't no toon, I'm a Pirate
Dante Darkly > You look like a clown at any rate. gf nice to have maxed drones skills
Kane Rizzel > hail is totally the wrong ammo to be using btw

He leaves Gusandall in his pod, tail between his legs.

Kane Rizzel > He mad he lost to a probe
K0rel > oh he mad

Then the two cruisers, cruising Gusandall with intent. I undock something a little more tempting, a Caracal attack cruiser, to take on another Caracal, and his Stabber attack cruiser friend.

I hop belts for a few minutes, trying to pinpoint them, but they aren't at any celestial, so I carry on hopping before pinpointing the Caracal in belt 1, I warp in at range, the Caracal thirty clicks below me, I close within long point range and engage with all launchers. The Stabber joins the fray and I'm deep into shields as the other Caracal hits armour, which is two volleyed, before a single volley strips his structure and he explodes, but I'm into armour as my cap runs dry, my microwarp drive's thirst too great, the Stabber right on top of me as it is now a dance to the death, him or me.

My Launchers near melting point as my heavy assault missiles strip the shields of the Stabber, his armour and structure vapourise as I hit half armour.

Yet another great little fight, two in one evening, a rare thing as of late but always appreciated.

I leave you with these two kills from yesterday, courtesy of CCP Bettik, who continues to ignore us on the forums. I have taken the tools CCP has given me, twisted them to my own imagination to reap this and this.

23 pages and not even a fuck you.

Thursday 17 January 2013


 "Kneel and deliver!"
-- Casanunda, the worlds smallest lover turns highwaydwarf
(Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies)

Just had this dropped on me.

And lost my Caracal

Miss GloomnDoom > die pirat die
K0rel > :(
Miss GloomnDoom > coward lol
K0rel > nope just smart
Miss GloomnDoom > coward
K0rel > ROFL
K0rel > hahahahahahahaha
Elazord85 > CARACAL DOWN
Kane Rizzel > nicely done
K0rel > all for a carcle
Alli Othman > Kill: Kane Rizzel (Caracal) op success
Major JSilva > :smug:
Kane Rizzel > no erebus on mail... FAIL
K0rel > ^^
K0rel > op fail
K0rel > should fit more sebos to ur ebby
K0rel > i dunno why the pilot took the point /web off me tho
pornopelle > got jammed
Elazord85 > hes a baddy, doesnt even know how to fish

Cyno cruisers all over lowsec with PL dropping their toys, take care out there folk.

Add Miss GloomnDoom to your list of cyno bait characters

Monday 14 January 2013

The Mechanics of Warp Core Stabilisers

There were a few seconds of total silence as everyone waited to see what would happen next. And then Nijel uttered the battle cry that Rincewind would never quite forget to the end of his life. "Erm," he said, "excuse me..."
-- (Terry Pratchett, Sourcery)

An agent of AARGH spots a Harbinger in Eifer, a quick scan shows Angel wrecks on scan, a quick system scan shows the wrecks and Harbinger in the direction of an Angel Port. She warps her covops in to the Port, only to land 146km away but soon an Angel cruiser explodes which makes a convenient beacon to warp closer to the Harb.

No time to waste as I choose the most appropriate vessel for this bit of Piracy, a Probe class frigate...

I undock Gusandall, warp directly to Eifer gate and jump through, all the while my friend in her covops has set up the warpin, time is off the essence as only one more Angel cruiser is left and once that dies the Harb is more than likely to leave. but I set warp to her direction and soon land within scram range, tackle goes green, drones deployed and we start to tango.

High Visionz > leave lol

First priority is to remove the flight of drones now heading towards me, my drones are set on one as my rockets and guns deal with another, until none present a threat, all attention switches to the Harbinger proper. Rage rockets slam through the shields and soon start  biting at the armour the Harbinger is notorious for.

The Harbinger is active tanked and claws armour back at a steady rate but somehow my damage output is only slightly better .

He's bleeding into structure when he makes an inquiry.

High Visionz > shouldnt i be able to warp out if i have a warp core stabalizer?
Kane Rizzel > nope, if you only have one you're boned
High Visionz > i do lol
High Visionz > wtf lol
Kane Rizzel > warp scramblers have two points of scram strength
High Visionz > well fuck lol
High Visionz > so next time i need 2 on my ship?
Kane Rizzel > yep, at least

At this point I run out of Rage rockets and am forced to switch to faction, precious time being lost during the reloads

High Visionz > lemme go ill give you 6mil lol

Not likely mate...

Eventually his tank, overwhelmed by my massive DPS, fails, his last sliver of structure destroyed, the explosion rocks Eifer, I stand victorious, the mighty Probe warship has done its job.

High Visionz > gj i guess
Kane Rizzel > gf
High Visionz > got the insurance back on it. got it for free so thanks really lol
Kane Rizzel > yw

Loot scooped, I head back to Gusandall for a cup of Victory Earl Grey tea,

This wanton destruction of an innocent brought to you by CCP Bettik