Monday, 14 January 2013

The Mechanics of Warp Core Stabilisers

There were a few seconds of total silence as everyone waited to see what would happen next. And then Nijel uttered the battle cry that Rincewind would never quite forget to the end of his life. "Erm," he said, "excuse me..."
-- (Terry Pratchett, Sourcery)

An agent of AARGH spots a Harbinger in Eifer, a quick scan shows Angel wrecks on scan, a quick system scan shows the wrecks and Harbinger in the direction of an Angel Port. She warps her covops in to the Port, only to land 146km away but soon an Angel cruiser explodes which makes a convenient beacon to warp closer to the Harb.

No time to waste as I choose the most appropriate vessel for this bit of Piracy, a Probe class frigate...

I undock Gusandall, warp directly to Eifer gate and jump through, all the while my friend in her covops has set up the warpin, time is off the essence as only one more Angel cruiser is left and once that dies the Harb is more than likely to leave. but I set warp to her direction and soon land within scram range, tackle goes green, drones deployed and we start to tango.

High Visionz > leave lol

First priority is to remove the flight of drones now heading towards me, my drones are set on one as my rockets and guns deal with another, until none present a threat, all attention switches to the Harbinger proper. Rage rockets slam through the shields and soon start  biting at the armour the Harbinger is notorious for.

The Harbinger is active tanked and claws armour back at a steady rate but somehow my damage output is only slightly better .

He's bleeding into structure when he makes an inquiry.

High Visionz > shouldnt i be able to warp out if i have a warp core stabalizer?
Kane Rizzel > nope, if you only have one you're boned
High Visionz > i do lol
High Visionz > wtf lol
Kane Rizzel > warp scramblers have two points of scram strength
High Visionz > well fuck lol
High Visionz > so next time i need 2 on my ship?
Kane Rizzel > yep, at least

At this point I run out of Rage rockets and am forced to switch to faction, precious time being lost during the reloads

High Visionz > lemme go ill give you 6mil lol

Not likely mate...

Eventually his tank, overwhelmed by my massive DPS, fails, his last sliver of structure destroyed, the explosion rocks Eifer, I stand victorious, the mighty Probe warship has done its job.

High Visionz > gj i guess
Kane Rizzel > gf
High Visionz > got the insurance back on it. got it for free so thanks really lol
Kane Rizzel > yw

Loot scooped, I head back to Gusandall for a cup of Victory Earl Grey tea,

This wanton destruction of an innocent brought to you by CCP Bettik


EverettYoung said...

"This wanton destruction of an innocent brought to you by CCP Bettik"

Lol, love it.

Raziel Walker said...

A second WCS would gimp his lock time/range too much and if someone brings a faction scram for 3 points he will still die.

What he needed was another heat sink so he could have cleared the anomaly faster. Training for some t2 modules should help him out as well.

Probe as pvp ship? Could you have taken him if he had been t2 fit?

Rixx Javix said...

WCS - The biggest head scratcher in all of Eve! From both sides of the coin.