Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Frigates of Fury...

I got into my hangar to hear the vidphone blaring, I answered and Viper Sam's grinning face presented itself in the screen.

Viper Sam > kane we have some targets outside station
Viper Sam > in gus
Viper Sam > you in?
Kane Rizzel > sure

There was a Raven battleship hugging the station with friends nearby. I boarded "The Fifth Elephant", my new Sleipnir and got ready.
We had a few pilots available who were up for a fight so we decided to take it to them.
Engaging on stations is always tricky for those of us of a Pirate inclination as we draw sentry fire as soon as we open up, but I have never been one to worry too much about such things.
The Raven was on the far side of the station so I needed to close the distance before being able to activate my warp disruptor and go to work but just as I got in range the Raven warped out to a gate, Viper was quickest to react and followed, they both jumped into the adjacent system and Viper soon reported a tackle, so the rest of us made our way there, jumped the gate and engaged.
The Raven had an impressive tank and just as it broke he had managed to crawl back to the gate and jump out. The gang under sentry fire disengaged and warped out, I had burnt through a large quantity of cap boosters and seemingly was a magnet for all the sentry fire, I headed to a safe before heading back to HQ to grab some more cap charges so that I may re-engage at a gate.

Arriving at the gate where they were last reported the Raven was joined by a Dominix, we primaried the Domi and he was about to go when both battleships jumped out.

There's something about people unwilling to fight without the help of sentries that really annoys me, it's even more annoying that they instigate a fight but never want to finish one and run and hide in highsec.

Don't bait if you can't take the heat.

I returned home and lazily cleaning up some paperwork when and old friend and rival Realzonk asked if anyone was up for a Frigate free for all, I agreed along with five other pilots from different corps all with different allegiances. Viper was in too and soon we had six Rifters and a pilot in a Velator.
We warped to a deep safe and started the fight, it was a free for all, last man standing fight with the victor holding the field and taking the spoils.
It was all a blur but when the dust settled I alone in my Rifter held the field. I had managed to top four of the killmails with final blow on all four, the last being Viper Sam.
To the victor go the spoils and bragging rights.

Viper Sam > kane is the winnar!
Kane Rizzel > gf all, good fun

I looted up and returned to HQ, all in all a good time and something I think Zonk would like to do on a more regular basis. I think it's an exellent idea and hope it grows.

A while later I got a call from flashfresh, a friend of his had probed out a Drake and Hurricane doing a mission in a system next door.

flashfresh > my mate has found them
flashfresh > he's scanning
flashfresh > who wants in?
Kane Rizzel > /emote wants to kill

So I boarded Karma, now in it's third iteration as I suicided the last engaging a Moros last night.
I headed off to Sorenzur and by the time I got to the gate the warpin had been setup and I jumped through and started the warp to the covops pilot. Bursting out of warp I was greeted by the strange sight of three warp gates and many Republic Fleet wrecks, amidst them the Drake and the Hurricane. The Drake was primaried, flash and I went to work and soon the smouldering wreck of the Caldari battlecruiser was left, his friend in the Hurricane warping out.
Loot was grabbed and we even had time for the covops pilot to grab a salvager to come and clean up.

I headed home as I had a friend coming over later to watch holoreels so had to make sure the pad was clean and proper.

A good day, the Frigate fight being the highlight for me, hopefully the first of many more and I have the distinction of being the winner of the inaugural Gusandall Frigates of Fury.

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