Friday, 15 August 2008

A man and his stabs...

"Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss." - Douglas Adams

Hanging about in my Rifter as is the norm I spotted a Myrmidon on scan... Mmm, Myrmidon.

I wasn't alone in local as a friend was trying to act inconspicuous in his Malediction, the two of us got to talking about introducing the Myrm pilot to the colour of his liver. Between the two of us we would have a hard time breaking the Myrms tank so it was decided Jorge would go in with his Malediction to lay down the Epic tackle, I would head back to Gus and grab Karma™, there was a thought of grabbing the Fifth Elephant™ but I thought the Hurricane could use a spin in the black.

I waited on the Eifer gate until Jorge gave the word


I jumped in and warped to the belt in which my prey was currently being orbited by Jorge's Malediction, peppering the Myrm with light missiles. The sleek hull of Karma™ bursting out of warp right on top of the Myrmidon.

Target lock aquired, Warp Disruptor glows on my HUD as my 425s spin up and start raining sweet death, drones are deployed and they race towards him. His shields evaporate, armour goes full red in a few seconds, atmosphere and fuel starts to vent into space.

"Ransom?" I ask Jorge

Before he could respond something incredulous happened.

"What the fuck? Did he just warp off?"

I kick my command console in frustration. I think something broke but that will have to wait for later. We had two points on the fucker and he just warped off. He left local a short while later and I waited out my GCC cursing at the universe. Jorge and myself cheated out of a kill.

I headed back to Gus and grabbed my Jaguar as my sneaky friend in her Covops had tracked down a Caracal in Ingunn, so I headed over but was disappointed once again as the Caracal warped off before I arrived.

It was looking bleak until Jorge reported the Myrm back in Eifer. Jorge was joined by CPT NESSAJA in his Crow so I headed back to Gus and grabbed my Broadsword, I was taking no chances. The Myrm was jumping between belts and planets with the two Interceptors chasing. I scanned the Myrm at a planet and warped in. There he was, bright as day and this time he wasn't getting away.

My targeting systems are quick to lock, my Warp Disruption Field Generator kicks in, I web him for good measure and my 220s go to work. Nes and Jorge join the party and we start to dance. The Myrm's shields are stripped away and then another strange occurrence

"What the fuck? I'm jammed"

He had a jammer on that thing, I was starting to get annoyed. I hit my microwarp drive and rammed my Broadsword into him to knock him off alignment. It was a successful bump, but my head was spinning from the collision. Target once more acquired I continue to rain Barrage into the Gallente battlecruiser. Ransom of the ship is no longer an option, this guy is going down, bits of armour and hull start flying off his ship, massive hull breaches appear and it explodes in a massive fireball, bits of Myrmidon raining against my ship.

"Grab the pod, we ransom that" I say over our shared comms.

Pod is locked and scrambled by the quick locking Interceptors and I open communications with the now Myrmidonless pilot.

"2miilion ISK and your pod goes free. Good fight by the way"

I'm greeted by silence and then he pipes up that he really enjoyed himself. OK, a bit strange.

"15 seconds or your pod is goo"

The replies get stranger, he asks if he can join us hunting, to which I reply "Nope sorry, my wallet still isn't flashing"

"Here's 5million, that was so much fun"

Ooookay, I suspect some alcohol, maybe some narcotics at work but tell the guys to let him go, our work here is done. He lingers a moment and then warps off, I grab the loot and head to a safespot. A True Sansha Energised Adaptive Membrane dropped amongst some generic tech 1 stuff, very surprising but satisfying. Even more surprising is that he only had one warp core stabiliser fitted so not sure how he got away the first time, I suspect he got a jam on me or Jorge and we weren't paying attention.

I wait out my GCC and then head back to Gus, a good kill, some nice ISK for the guys. I'm tired and decide to call it a night, I distribute the ISK to the guys for what the faction mod is worth, light a cigarette and pour myself a Cherry Coke. My head is pounding, I only realise now that the adrenaline has worn off, that collision was more jarring than I thought. Oh well, nothing a handful of painkillers won't cure. I power down the hangar and slump into my bunk, I could use a good nights rest.

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Anonymous said...

Great kill and a sneaky addition of that ECM into his mid-slot. Nice work by Jorge for a good tackle