Sunday, 17 October 2010

And the winner is...

- "Yeah?"
- "Ngk," said Crowley.
-- Crowley in conversation with his superiors
(Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman, Good Omens)

Thank you everyone who participated :)

One of my favourites just happened to be posted by Mr Anonymous, a very secretive person who unfortunately is not a Billion ISK richer this evening.

Rockets to be buffed
Carebears say Eifer is safe
Kane: violence boats
It's very important to post your name if you comment :)

Another one that caught my eye was this:

Dranaarus said...

Bottom line, if it's something that will bring you more joy than frustration then I say go for it.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience sir I have a Pirate frigate with your name on it.

Nitor1013Z, Memoocan and Station Container, if you could also please contact me ASAP, I have some Piratey goodness for the three of you for your submissions.

The winner however was a masterful entry by none other than Nashh Kadavr who's entry titled Welcome Back was without peer.

Thanks again for participating and I'll catch y'all in space 07



Nashh Kadavr said...

\0/ woot!

Thanks bro, I will ensure to put it to good use!

Good to see you back!

Nitor1013z said...

WHOOOOOOOO HOOOOOO! third place i think? second maybe even :D?

whatever, super cool that i did win something at least.

just an FYI i am not ingame atm due to RL studies and other nonsense, so whatever my prize is i can talk to a director of ma corp and see about that for me i guess. whatever, you can mail me at

cheers o/

Nitor1013z said...

also, i forgot to tell you to kill things for me. if at all possible make them shiny ;D

Station Container said...

I sent you an EVE mail, with the explanation of why I entered through an alt character.

Glad to see an awesome pirate wheeling his cannon back into the fray!

- Station Container

Flashfresh said...

Excellent stuff.

Memoocan said...

Eve mail sent.
Yaaaaay, moar posts to come then eh? Good stuff, and thanks :D


Nitor1013z said...


an in game director from my corp has sent you a message on scrapheap and an eve mail regarding the transfer thingy since i'm a bit busy with RL studies atm.

thanks for the prize, kill stuff for me :D :D