Monday, 10 January 2011

The Drones

"Well, 'scuse me. I was jus' tryin' to save the world."
-- Gaspode the wonder dog
(Terry Pratchett, Moving Pictures)

A Rifter and an Ishkur in Gusandall, one more challenging than the other, I warp The Cunning Man to the 2/10 plex and wait.

The Ishkur warps in and immediately locks me up but doesn't fire as I'm about 25 clicks away from the warp in. A quick look at his weapons leads me to the conclusion he is blaster fit, so the plan is this, stay on the edge of scram and web range and kill his damage drones, then close in and start windmillin*

I start to close, but not too much, 10clicks is all I could allow. He deploys a mix of hobgoblin and warriors, tech 2 variety. With overloaded web and scram keeping him at bay I start to pick off the drones one by one, until the last warrior was left, then some ec-300s appear on overview and that was pretty much it.

I'm jammed till the last moment of the Cunning Man's illustrious service to NovaKane Incorporated, I stayed till the end in the vain hope of getting lucky and the ec-300s were defective or something but as is my luck, I had none.

Kane Rizzel > ecm drones were a bit gay but gf
Doctor Genocide > yep, gf dude
Doctor Genocide > ECM drones are fair on a boat with 2 flights of drones
Doctor Genocide > you killed my damage drones
Kane Rizzel > not when you're fighting a rifter :)
Doctor Genocide > lol
Doctor Genocide > true
Doctor Genocide > but hey; without them you'd have kited & killed me
Kane Rizzel > tbh, I just wanted to kill them so I stood a better chance of going toe to toe
Doctor Genocide > AC Vs Hybrid is leg to toe

So ec-300s once again prove to be the bane of Kane, was frustrating but c'est la vie.

Two losses in a row, things are not looking so good at the moment

*Verb; To whirl one's outstretched arms around in a circular motion, fists clenched, with the intention of hitting something (or someone). This action resembles the spinning blades of a windmill.


I finally killed something. So, there's a Jaguar that undocks from Gusandall station, I casually board Flubber and join him in the black. Jag is tough cookie to crumble and it would be tougher still to do so under sentries.

The jag pilot was hesitant to engage, I nonchalantly dragged him away from the station, a bit of lame Kane at 60% thrust. At over 150 clicks off station it's game time. The jag pilot is from an alliance that is well known for not flying without backup, so it was a race against warp speeds for me to kill the jag and get out with Flubber in one piece.

Jag is trying to keep range but Flubber is tricksy and jag can't keep range, so jag dies just as local comms fill up with his alliance mates, a Tempest, two Myrmidons and a Hurricane warp in to our position just as the jag pilot's escape pod warps to safety.

At full thrust it's time to make tactical advance to the rear, a dangerous counter-attack that is practised by many grand armies, at about 40km the Tempest loses point and I make casual exit from battle ground tipping my hat to the combatants as I leave.


Sjonnar said...

ECM is permitted by the game and has not been deemed an exploit; it is therefore a valid strategy.

Those who are unwilling to do anything to achieve victory deserve nothing but defeat.

Kane Rizzel said...

Congratulations on making yourself look silly

Sjonnar said...

Thank you. And please permit me to return your congratulations, for complaining about ECM is like complaining about neuts or projectile weapons, and anyone who does so is far more silly than i.

Kane Rizzel said...

The hits just keep coming with you.

I have stated before that ECM is a viable tactic, doesn't mean I have to like it.

But the internet is all about people offering opinions, like I do mine and you decided to offer yours, trying to act high and mighty but instead just looking like a joke.

Sjonnar said...

'The hits just keep coming with you.'

Indeed they do. I like to call out what i see as both foolishness and hypocrisy. And i really smell blood in the water when someone gets all defensive and resorts to mockery rather than attempt to dispute my argument.

At first i was just attempting to twist your tail, in a semi-friendly way, over your 'e-bushido' whining. Notice how i didn't talk any shit, or call you an e-peening moron or anything nasty like that.

Wanna know why i felt so compelled to call this one out? This right here:

Kane Rizzel > ecm drones were a bit gay but gf
Doctor Genocide > ECM drones are fair
Kane Rizzel > not when you're fighting a rifter :)

You can't just offer the man a friendly GF and be done with it. No, you gotta let him know, in no uncertain terms, that you consider his use of dirty cheatyface ECM to be both gay and unfair.

This is a fine example of the hollow e-honor bullshit that put me off of lowsec. This guy didn't pull some shady highsec griefing trick like extending aggro for four hours on a fifteen-minute timer. He didn't blob you with twenty of his mates (though he could have, according to the rules of the game; valid tactic). He used ECM drones. On a drone boat. What a faggot.

Feeling silly yet?

Kane Rizzel said...

Nope, my blog, I can say what I want, if you don't like it you don't have to read it, it's this thing called free press and freedom of speech afforded to us by the anonymity of the internet.

From your few posts I take it you don't PvP much, and it also seems you are incapable of using a mains in game name so whatever you say has little bearing on the way I play the game or my e-honour.

"Those who are unwilling to do anything to achieve victory deserve nothing but defeat. "

This doesn't mean what you think it means btw, but it shows your narrow mindedness.

Sjonnar said...

'my blog, I can say what I want'

I never said you couldn't. I did say that your hypocrisy made you look silly. Do try to keep up with the rest of the class, pirate boy.

'This doesn't mean what you think it means btw, but it shows your narrow mindedness.'


It's not a quote; it's my saying, and it means precisely what i think it means.

'From your few posts I take it you don't PvP much, and it also seems you are incapable of using a mains in game name'

My main is Haldr Geitz. The name Sjonnar is the blogger login name that i chose long before i started playing Eve.

Any other smack from you? Do feel free to talk more shit if you're having trouble justifying your whining to yourself. Maybe insult my killboard stats, or imply that my lack of e-honor reveals a deficiency of character 'IRL'. That ought to do it.

Kane Rizzel said...

There you go again.

If you've read anything else I've written on this blog you'll know my hate for ECM as a solo PvPer, but you seem intent on trying to validate your own perceived e-honour by trying to call me a hypocrite.

I like the fact you're trying so hard, if I felt bad about anything you've tried to say I could easily delete your comments but you keep digging and digging.

I don't have to justify my whining, I'm quite content in the fact my whining is good with cheese. The pilot in question was actually in a shared channel with friends, he was quite chuffed he won and rightly so, doesn't mean I should be happy about losing.

If you feel my whining/hypocrisy offends your self righteous evangelism for all things needed to win then may I suggest you seek me out and battle with spaceships, I live in Gusandall.

Soup Spoon said...

My claymore is filled with ecm drones! Oh and Kane rocks your socks too.

blahmish said...

My pants are filled with ecm drones

Anonymous said...

I am an ECM drone filling all of your ships!