Sunday 24 April 2011

I isn't dead...

...I is just busy.

"You're dead," he said. Keli waited. She couldn't think of any suitable reply. "I'm not" lacked a certain style, while "Is it serious?" seemed somehow too frivolous.
-- Princess Keli in trouble
(Terry Pratchett, Mort)

Apologies to my readers, life is just a touch hectic at the moment. Three accounts have been given the summer off with just Kane remaining active, in case a scratch needs itching.

Work will be dominating any time and energy I have so updates and playtime will be few and far between :)


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid you misspelled "I Aten't Dead" there, good sir.

See you around!

Kane Rizzel said...

I would never dare misquote Granny Weatherwax, I just used the local dialect of Chav

Anonymous said...

Fair enough =]