Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Old smokey with extra cheese and mushrooms

Greebo could, in fact, commit sexual harrassment simply by sitting very quietly in the next room.
-- (Terry Pratchett, Maskerade)

These kills brought to you by Dorn Val and Malande, muchos gracias.

My Daredevil has been rebuilt, due to donations received from Dorn and Malande. I was toying with the idea of using the ISK for something else, but what else is more fun than flying a frigate that melts faces.

I have retired the Sgt Angua moniker for the time being, it served me well but it's time for a new breed of Daredevil, something a little more fitting to its devastation, Greebo be thy name.

Flea bitten, with scars all over his face and his partially present ears he is a huge swaggering bully of a cat - renowned for once chasing a bear up a tree. He has one green eye and one which is milky white, he is intelligent for a cat but uses three categories to define the things he sees as "rape, fight or eat." This is the cat that Nanny Ogg refers to as "Mr. Puss-puss," and sees, in her head, as a cute little bundle of fluff - yet everyone else calls "gerroffyerbugger!!!"

Greebo's maiden flight took me to my spiritual home, Eifer, and whilst there he had his maiden kill, a ratting Caracal. Not too difficult a prey, but something to sharpen his claws on.

Greebo is ready for a test, it comes in the shape of the Black Rebel Rifter Club. I like these guys, there are three of them, a Claw interceptor, a Republic Fleet Firetail and a Caldari Navy Hookbill. A fearsome combination and one I'd do well to steer clear of but then steering has never been my strong point.

I warp in at range to belt 1, I would need to split them up as going toe to toe with all three would be too much for even Greebo to handle. Hookbill warps in at zero, loiters for a bit before I try to draw him to the 2/10. They don't follow so I warp back to belt 1, but above zero. Firetail is at 100, then warps to planet three, scanner shows two of the trio there so I warp at fifty. Claw and Hookbill on site, fifty clicks away, a choice needed to be made, the Hookbill carries a tracking disruptor whilst the Claw would probably be the biggest threat damage wise.

In the end the choice was made by the meta level of the ship, the Claw was primaried, everything else is a blur as Claw goes down, Hookbill up next, I close sharply, tracking disruptor means very little when you're climbing right up their tailpipe.

Once the threat of the Hookbill had been vanquished, all attention was turned to the Firetail. I shatter the shields, the fight about to be over but a curious thing happens, it doesn't just explode? Plated? Had to be.

I'm at about 10% armor as the Firetail finally drops, I was starting to get nervous, Greebo is only a few hours old, too soon to lose, but he stands proud over the field of battle, planet 3 Gusandall, RIFTA vs NOVAK, one man standing.

Oh, and my Pizza arrived just as the fight finished :P

Great fight RIFTA, I like your style o7

Went on a roam later with the M34N guys in this:

Repping the reps


Heribeck said...

At least none where assault frigs with increaded tank. I find faction frigs do good dps and ahve good slots but usualy lack in tank. Sounds like a thrilling battle.

Nashh Kadavr said...

awesome stuff!

Miura Bull said...

Ooh I like your kind words good sir, thank you, thank you. However, it must be said that a Kane Rizzel broken piece of Daredevil hull would make for an excellent addition to our corporate locker rooms' trophy cabinet.