Saturday 29 October 2011


He moved in a way that suggested he was attempting the world speed record for the nonchalant walk.
-- (Terry Pratchett, The Light Fantastic)


Oh sweet jesus, he's shooting at someone again... AND THEY ARE SHOOTING BACK!

I'm too young to die

Shut it, you knew this might happen when you signed on

Well yeah, but I didn't realize it would happen within five minutes of undocking, everything seemed so peaceful.

He's a Pirate, what did you think would happen? Tea and biscuits?

Ooh yes please.

What was that?

What was what?

Was that the armour giving in?

Wait, aren't we armour tanked?

Technically speaking.... No

What do you mean no?

well, this is a Velator, not a lot of room to fit an armour tank, or any tank to be fair.

You're saying we have no tank and this maniac is attacking someone?

Yeah, and to make things more interesting he's attacking a Rifter class frigate.

And that's bad right?

You really have no idea. The Rifter ranks right up there with things you don't attack with a Velator, even a young pilot with a decent fit would make short work of us.

Is he mad?

It has been established on many occasions but he's damn funny and always willing to help.

How about helping us by not committing suicide, some of us aren't immortal.

Live on the edge kid, life is more interesting that way. Besides, looks like we won.

We won? The ship is on fire, in fact, everything is on fire.

One helluva ride kid.

Been an interesting evening with two close calls with Greebo, a mission jack in Eifer and helping some of the M34N corp guys to dispatch a Drake who thought flying through Gusandall a few times wouldn't pique anyone's interest.


Cosmin said...

What is this, I don't even...

Dil`e Mahn said...

Yes. Mad. Utterly mad.

(Why the Velator over the other rookie ships? Was it the drones?)

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