Monday, 5 December 2011

Underneath the RADAR

Quote #616.

Look, that's why there's rules, understand? So that you *think* before you break 'em.
-- (Terry Pratchett, Thief of Time)

It seems I have guests.

Electus Matari, a rather staunch opponent of the fine art of Piracy has decided to make themselves at home in Gusandall. They attacked the local M34N corp POS in force over the weekend, destroying them without much resistance (to be fair, from what I heard, the locals just didn't have the numbers and when we do work together it's more of a flashmob than anything really co-ordinated) and have recently put up two of their own. Now I've never been sure what EM are all about. They claim to be loyal to the Minmatar Republic, they claim to stand for freedom, but then theY live such a cloistered life they might as well go full Amarr.
We advocate the right of all Minmatar to live in freedom and according to the customs of their clan and tribe, including those currently in foreign captivity.
They have very strict rules, much like the Amarr, they don't tolerate the freedom granted the true Minmatar rebels to make their living their own way and as such are no better then the slavers they say they are opposed.

Piracy is true freedom, the freedom they supposedly stand for and as such I shall venture forth to educate them on what it truly feels like to be free. Now I will state that EM have a few very good pilots, as such I should not be complacent.

In my adventure, I imagine I will lose a few ships, but I'll try not to give them easy kills. I will not engage them in fleets, I will not engage blindly and I will try pick them off on my terms, away from their large fleets, ECM and Logistics.

A few days ago I went about my business of Loot Redistribution as they were mindlessly shooting at POS.

This evening I engaged some folk trying to extract riches from Eifer, before returning to Gusandall and spotting a Dramiel in the direction of the 2/10 plex, an old adversary.
I warp in as Benito is 100 odd clicks away, obvious tactic would be to close the gap but not this time, I move in the opposite direction, he shall come to me... I hope.

He starts to close, slowly. Patience Kane, must not go full retard, be smart about this.

He gets about 60 clicks away, my afterburner is set to overload, so is tackle, I close under impulse, at 40 clicks I go green, in range, tackle, overload guns... BOOM.

The Dramiel explodes, violently, recent upgrades to the Blasters making them more volatile at close range. The pod is tackled and one hundred million ransom is offered and declined by Benito. A good fight, his corpse the prize.

Hopefully this is the start of something beautiful, an abundance of new friends to make and many explosions to share.

Join me my brothers, free your minds, free your bodies... Just be free.

Operation Save the Angels

OSE is in full effect:

Kane Rizzel > yo
dagen Askold > wtf was that for
Kane Rizzel > you were attacking my angel brethren
Kane Rizzel > in the interests of their safety you needed to be eliminated
dagen Askold > could ove said stop ass
Kane Rizzel > alas I was too late to save them but I exacted revenge in the name of their families
Kane Rizzel > good day to you sir, and be mindful the next time you attack Angels


Wh Denizen said...

Nice work, let mengetmthis straight, he came at you and then asked why in local? Lola nice tear harvest there


Volstruis said...

This sounds like a worthy holiday task. Count us in.


EM are not minmatar freedom fighters they are a TERROIST ORGANISATION

Kalaratiri said...

WH Denizen, if you look closely, you may spot that the logs from local do not involve the dramiel pilot at all. It's someone else.

Flashfresh said...

All power to Kane. If you need help, give us a call.