Monday, 6 August 2012

Recce of Death

Natural selection saw to it that professional heroes who at a crucial moment tended to ask themselves questions like "What is my purpose in life?" very quickly lacked both.
-- (Terry Pratchett, Interesting Times)

In trying to gauge the capabilities of the new locals, I have lost a few ships foolishly, or so I would like them to think, but mainly foolishly, I'm a little rusty from my long break. Their will is strong, their capabilities decent... But their smack is lacking.

What I can say is they are a little gun shy when they don't outnumber you, which in my case means they are reluctant to 1v1.

Much like any opponent of overwhelming numbers in the past, I need to be more patient and choose my targets, fight on my terms, may we all live in Interesting Times


Naoru Kozan said...

Any extended break from eve results in "pvp rust".

Best cure I have found is exploding ships until the rust is knocked off :)

Death ToU said...

Glad you're back buddy. Missed your wit and Pratchett quotes.

One thing thou, do you count your claymore alt or not :)
Is that like a 1.45 vs 1??

Kane Rizzel said...

1v1's are just that, a new gang is formed with only the teo participants and it takes place at a safespot of the opponents choosing.

It's the only way I have ever 1v1'd