Thursday, 16 May 2013

Surprise Surprise

In the Beginning there was nothing, which exploded.
-- (Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies) 

This is now the Official You've got RED on you alliance them tune

A fairly uneventful day, not even any good plexes to hunt in, the area just didn't have any life in it. I had gone out for a movie and when I got back there was reports in an intel channel of a Legion and Loki in a safespot near planet 4 in Gusandall.

An associate on her way back from nullsec was passing through and dropped probes, her usual spread of 5, normally sufficient to probe damn near everything down, but recently there seems to have been a glitch with some of her cyber implants not working properly, she has put in for leave to get them looked at and is waiting to hear back from the developers of the implants.

She narrows down both ships but can't get a clean hit, no matter what she does to the formation, but then she drops two more probes and forms Volt... uhm, I mean a diamond formation and narrows the hit down even more, she eventually has to tighten the group up almost all on top of each other before she gets the 100% hit.

She warps in and reports both vessels immobile, ripe for the violencing.

I undock in The Fifthe Elephant, because well, I'm a little short on appropriate firepower, have to wait for Keira to authorize a shopping trip, but the Sleipnir would do.

I warp to our associates spot and land right on top of the Strategic Cruisers, Legion first, it evaporates, I lock its escape pod whilst switching tackle to the Loki, the Legion pod goes squish, and then the Loki explodes, followed shortly by its escape pod.

Loot is scooped and I head back to the station. Minutes later, one of the pilots opens convo with me:

Kane Rizzel > sup
Ako Izumi > how in the fuck did u kill my ships
Kane Rizzel > well
Kane Rizzel > you see
Kane Rizzel > there's this thing called space
Kane Rizzel > it's rather big
Kane Rizzel > and these two ships were loitering in it
Kane Rizzel > blatantly on scan and everything
Ako Izumi > in a fucking safe
Kane Rizzel > so a friend dropped some probes
Kane Rizzel > and probed them out
Kane Rizzel > poor fellas never stood a chance
Ako Izumi > thats bullshit they are unscanable
Kane Rizzel > quite clearly they are not
Kane Rizzel > might you have activated your cloaks, then maybe
Ako Izumi > u can make ships unscanable according to ccp
Kane Rizzel > you might want to check that
Kane Rizzel > cause that all changed a while ago
Ako Izumi > if ur sensor strength is higher then your sig
Kane Rizzel > mate
Kane Rizzel > maaaate
Ako Izumi > i mad
Kane Rizzel > yeah
Kane Rizzel > it happens to me too
Ako Izumi > yea shits stupid, its hard to keep up with all these gay patches
Ako Izumi > well reship and fly on i guess lol
Kane Rizzel > it did take a max skill character with full virtue set and a spread of seven probes but everything is probe-able
Kane Rizzel > good luck and fly safe

New Star Trek is good by the way :D


Sard Caid said...

bless o7o7o7

Laktos said...

Another victory over the afk'ing hordes of warfare link t3's o7

Also yes, the new star trek movie was quite enjoyable I agree :D

Orson said...

I think he needs a few more link alts.

Roman said...

: D

Unknown said...

Haha here I am casually reading through a pirate blog I stumbled upon by chance...and then I read your story about 2 strategics afk in gus and it reminds me of my friend's loss a few weeks back...then I read his name messaging you. Gonna go give him a good razzing for this. 0/

Unknown said...

I stumbled upon your blog randomly and here now I get to read about my good friend's ships being blown up, after I heard the bitching and moaning about unannounced changes to ship scanning and yadda yadda. Funny stuff.