Wednesday, 5 April 2017

If you can't beat them...

And this had been the way things were for as far back as the frogs could remember [footnote: About three seconds. Frogs don't have good memories].
-- (Terry Pratchett, Wings)

Perusing my rather expensive losses since my return to the black, I have come to the conclusion that if you can't beat them... Uhm... join them?

So off I went to buy myself a Black Ops battleship, fitted it, and admired it's awesomeness.

But there's a small problem, the thing is pretty, but useless as a solo ship, this thing would require at least one other person, in a hunter ship, to track, tackle and light the covert cyno to obliterate some fools day. Or get counter dropped and lose some more ISK.

The Return of the Plex

So, I'm going about my business, probing out the sites of the day, making bookmarks, when something remarkable happens.

An old freind has returned to Gusandall. Some old school pirates will be familiar with this friend, responsible for many, many good fights, crazy traps and all round good times.

Sadly, he won't be around for long, it's so crazy that he very rarely shows up anywhere in the cluster, let alone Gus, but it was good to see him, even if no one was going to try farm him and lose their expensive farming frigate hilariously.

I still mourn the loss of the static 2/10, the sheer amount of content it created was amazing, the personal drama and good risk versus reward  of plex life fueled the area. Now Gusandall is a ghost town, other than wormholers moving stuff to highsec or the occasional lost rookie mining outfit, the area is devoid of much action.

Reading over some of my accounts of life in and around the 2/10 of Gusandall, really makes me feel old, almost eleven years in this verse and the shine is somehwat diminished.

How do we bring life back to pockets of space that were once vibrant combat areas?
Where mission runners dared to risk their shiny battleships, where small ship Pirates could make ISK by hunting those that would venture into the area for a big b-type payday without risking having blackops/supercarriers dropped on their heads, where actual large scale mining ops used to take place with a full armed escort ready to be pounced upon by crazy locals. Where anti-pirate corporations and alliances would roam through to try clean up the area. Where major PvP corporations and alliances would come to for "Good Fights"

Where have all the "Good Fights" gone?


Druur Monakh said...

Power Creep? Risk Aversion? It's so much easier to fly in a large expensive blob, which by now most people can afford, with almost guaranteed wins, than to risk something.

Anonymous said...

Last time I went through the trouble of trying to run some anomalies in low sec I got away with it for a little while true enough to earn back about 30% of the carrier since that is the ship i needed to run the anomoly in a short amount of time while the system was actually empty of roaming scouts looking to hot drop. Most folks don't come to the area because the pirates in that area actually patrol it fairly closely and they will band with other pirates to get whatever numbers they need to kill you even up to capital escalation so unless you have a blob to bring to the fight there is absolutely no reason to go there.
Unfortunate but true. So until I have a blob of my own to bring to the fight you wont be seeing any carrier of mine again :) Blob ya later

Anonymous said...

I don`t know about Gusandall, but me, newcomer for approx 2 months, went into Gallente space Decon 0.4 for the first time, to check it out and ratt some NPC foos.

All went well for the first 3-4 asteroid belts, until a cloaked Stratios dropped in and ripped me some new holes.
3 (three) times! Because I`m a slow learner and I had to come back to try to get some blood out of him.
1st time - Algos
2nd and 3rd - Atron

Although I am unable to understand your experiences from the days of yore, I consider this to be a good fight. I talked to the dude and instructed me on some things. So, some good stuff came out of the fight.

Now I`ve switched to Minmatar and currently learning to fly Rifters and Slashers to return (someday) and pound some pain on that dude.
After that... I dunno. Most likely piracy and shiet.

Cool blog! Just discovered it! :D
Keep it up!