Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Where to now?

 It's not enough to be able to pick up a sword. You have to know which end to poke into the enemy.
-- (Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies)

So after almost 12 years of playing EVE, Kane is at an impass, what to train?
Other than Capital ships and going full carebear, what is left?
This is where Kane's skills are currently allocated as of a few days ago.

So tell me, those of you who maybe still read this here blog, what should I do? Electronics are all currently queued to V, I currently have about 201 days in the queue, taking a lot of those IVs to Vs.
The skills to get into a capitals are super expensive and don't really go well with my playstyle, and deploying a solo capital is a guarnteed way to lose said capital, so, where to now?

I'm writing this to you from somewhere in the Indian Ocean and I've even been able to log in, if only this sattelite connection was more stable I might even be able to Pirate.

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Scopique said...

Wow, for some reason I lost track of your blog. I used to be a reader years ago, back when FlashFresh, Mynxee, Spectre, and some others were active pirates. Some months ago I also made up my mind about what to train, with most subcaps skills at 5. I went for carriers and dreads, although I never used them yet. I mean, it's better than going the mining route, isn't it? At least some cap skills take so long it might suit your real-life when you cannot babysit your skillqueue all the time. And with anti-subcap weappons some dreads are viable (but expensive) solo boats..

I'll check your blog more often now!
Take care,