Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Why PvE?

Too many people, when listing all the perils to be found in the search for lost treasure or ancient wisdom, had forgotten to put at the top of the list 'the man who arrived just before you'.
-- (Terry Pratchett, The Last Hero)

When there's not much happeing, and targets are few, what is a Pirate to do?

Scanning entire constelations sometimes shows you some juicy hunting grounds, the Angel's Red Light District is one such place, it is the best Cosmic Signature in Minmatar Low Security space, and as such draws treasure hunters from far and wide. If you manage to scan one down and find someone running it, it normally results in a profictable bit of Piracy, greed will bring people back, even with the threat of Piracy ever present. If they don't, you just get an associate to run it and collect the loot.

Some days though, it is so quiet, a call to an associate happens quicker than usual. Of late NovaKane and associates haven't had much luck hunting in these sites, with runners running and never returning, as such we have run a fair few, with little luck, today though was different, a site in Gusandall with nothing else happeing just had to be run.

Not going to bore you with the details of PvE, but it paid off today, quite nicely in fact.

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