Sunday, 22 June 2008


Mal: "Well, you were right about this being a bad idea."
Zoe: "Thanks for sayin', sir."

The dark of space and the night sky over Gusandall gave me an itch, an itch that needed to be scratched. Recent events in the universe have brought about War and the various factions are intent on killing each other. What does this mean for me, well, it means more targets but Evannater was quiet, except for a Merlin I caught in Eifer. With the recent turmoil amongst the factions have come new stargates, opening up new routes into previously difficult to reach places and it was this that had piqued my interest.

I had docked up in Gusandall to fit a new Rifter after foolishly engaging a Hound stealth bomber which didn't end well for me and took a look around my hangar. Choices, choices... I decided on a Taranis and undocked into the darkness. Destination was set and I headed for Geminate but after about a half hour I moved on to Vale of the Silent, again not much for me to engage besides harrasing a Raven in a belt who eventually warped out. Well let's see, Tribute, there must be something in Tribute, loads of players in space in the station systems as indicated by my onboard navigational charts.

I finally get to see some action as I warp to a gate, there's a large anchored bubble and inside is a pod, slowly crawling to the gate. Damn, this was going to be tough, I close the distance, my pulse racing, I start the lock and the seconds pass by like molasses on a cold day, lock goes live and it's all systems go... and just like that the pod is squished. The life of a solo Pirate is all action, never a dull moment. I move on and not two jumps go by when it's action stations again as a Reaper is locked down on a gate, the fearsome Minmatar rookie frigate no match for my Taranis as my blasters tear it to shreds. A close fight and one I shall long remember.

I wander about Tribute for a bit and decide to head back home, making some detours along the way when I jump into a system and as my systems resolve I'm greeted by a bubble camp. A large bubble is anchored on the gate and a few ships are scattered about: Huginn, Wolf, Onyx and Zealot. I'm still pumped up by the epic fight from earlier so go balls to the wall to try and burn out of the bubble... welp... that was a mistake, should have headed back to the gate but nooooo, I'm elite, I can win anything, even a race where I'm dual webbed by a Huginn. The Taranis is a great little ship but it exploded with such force I think I may have concussion but I don't need to worry about that as my pod is still in the middle of the bubble and I'm going nowhere... NOWHERE. Well technically that's a lie as the hostiles who violenced my inty decided to violence my pod too.

Mmm, Gusandall, this seems familiar, what's my name again? Everything is fuzzy.
The wonders of cloning, it hurts like hell though but this new body is great, of course I'll have the headaches again, oh god the headaches but that's life. I could use a drink, being violently introduced to a new body is thirsty work, ooh and a cigarette, got to blacken these new lungs.

Dizzy, think I'll lie down now

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Carole Pivarnik said...

You're an inspiration, Kane, and quite humorous as well. Another enjoyable post.