Sunday, 1 March 2009

Boom I say, BOOM!

The Supreme Life President of Hell wrote: "What business are we in???" He thought for a bit, and then carefully wrote, underneath: "We are in the damnation business!!!"

-- (Terry Pratchett, Eric)
There's a new toy in my box of tricks and oh boy do I like it.

I christened yet another ship into the NovaKane fleet this evening, I had just got back from the pub and looked around my hangar for something sharp with which to hurt somebody, in a dark corner under some sheets was a frigate sized ship gathering dust, I had the deck crew assemble it and had some rather nasty looking weapons fitted. Eric was born and soon someone would be kicking and screaming in the dawn of a new day.

As with all ships on their maiden flight, I took Eric to see the sights and sounds of Eifer. There was precious little to see except for a Rifter... in a belt...


As warp trails streamed off Eric's shiny exterior the Rifter calmly went about its business in harrasing a local Angel Cartel cruiser. Well, I could not stand for this kind of behaviour and started to close the distance, trying as hard as I could to remain inconspicuous. Fifty kilometres seperated us and Eric's afterburner hummed gently in the background as the distance became less and less. As I got into warp scrambler range I initiated lock, it resolved and the scrambler kicked in, blasters blazing hot death in the direction of the unfortunate Rifter who didn't have a chance to fight back, his escape pod jettisoned as the Rifter exploded, it was of course locked, scrambled and popped, another trophy for "The Morgue"

I scooped the loot and headed to a safespot to wait out my criminal timer, continuously scanning for any other prey. Nothing appeared so I headed back to Gusandall to offload loot.

I jumped through the gate and as is custom I hit my scanner while under gate cloak. A few targets in system and two caught my eye, a Crow and Thrasher in the direction of the 2/10 Angel complex.


I burst out of warp on top of the ancient acceleration gate and was greeted by the sight of the Crow orbiting at 20km. Interesting, this should be fun and I started my tried and tested method of catching interceptors. Unfortunately Eric is a touch slower than most of what I fly and this would be a test. If the Crow pilot was half competent I wouldn't catch him but there was little he could do to kill me, he of course didn't know this.

As I started my "Crazy Ivan" routine, the Thrasher warped in, rather closer than was healthy for him but I decided to toy with both of them none the less. Crow engaged now that his friend was here and I locked them both up, making straight for the destroyer. My shields were stripped away in an instant as the Thrasher put out some very high damage, the pilot was familiar to me as it was he in a Sabre that destroyed one of my Jaguars a few weeks back.

The Crow continued to pelt me with missiles and the Thrasher's autocannons were trying to rip me a new one but my armour repairer was comfortably keeping up. I had gotten in range of my blasters and they bit hard and deep into the Thrasher's shields, a flight of tech 2 Hobgoblin drones swarmed out of Eric's drone bay and overwhelmed the Thrasher's rather strong shield tank. Once his shields were stripped he didn't last long and exploded, his escape pod warping out in an instant.

Now where did that Crow get to... Aah, there he is, comfortably keeping a steady orbit. I wouldn't be able to catch him with my scrambler and get in range of my blasters but that wouldn't stop my drones from causing him an emergency pants moment as his shields and armour were vaporised, his hull wouldn't last long but he had the sense to warp out and just in the nick of time.

Kane Rizzel > good fight guys
Tilburn > gf

A rather enjoyable fight in my humble opinion and a nice way to welcome Eric to my world

I headed to the station, in desperate need of sleep, I slump into my bunk and dream of merry violence to come.


Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

Ah wonderful!

Judging from your hints, you never told us what ship you flew, you were flying an Ishkur assault frigate!

Anonymous said...

Ishkur rocks!

Kane Rizzel said...

lol... it was damn early this morning when I wrote it. Surprised to see I left that out but yes, it's an Ishkur

Carole Pivarnik said...

Always glad to log in and see another Kane story posted. How often I've wished I could trade that extra mid slot on my Jaguar for 5 or 10 m3 of drone bandwidth!

Anonymous said...

Nice addition to your fleet. The Ishkur is my very favourite assault frig.

Guess I'll ask you for a 1v1 when I happen to be around Metropolis :)

Anonymous said...

Commented on your KB, but I couldn't believe that Rifter had an empty mid slot.

Anonymous said...

The Ishkur is indeed a beauty, a nice and deadly addition for your box of tricks :)