Thursday, 16 April 2009

[OOC] A friend of my friend is my enemy, or something like that.

Blues, that which is an inevitable consequence of life in space. You need friends in the black, not always to watch your back but sometimes just a voice on the other side helps keep you sane.

It took me a very long time to establish myself in the Evannatar constellation, Gusandall being my home system with the neighbouring Eifer presenting fertile hunting grounds. I initially moved out with just a few Rifters and soon was engaging in combat with whomever came along, amongst others flashfresh (who invited me to his Independence channel) and Lucius Caine. Active corps in the area included The Black Fleet and Mean Corp. I quickly became friends with the guys in The Black Fleet which automatically made me red to Mean Corp but as time went on The Black Fleet and Mean corp became friends and with that so did I.

The Black Fleet eventually dissolved and left Mean Corp as the premier corp in Gusandall. Mean are very efficient with some very good pilots and I've always respected their ruthlesness. Along with Hellequin The Tempered Steel Legion and the up and coming Black Flag, Gusandall and surrounds was awash with blood. It was a good time for me as flying with others was becoming fun again. Carrier kills will do that, it gets the blood flowing and is something one can not do on their own... But I'll continue to push the boundaries until I do.

As is the way of the universe, things never stay the same and egos tend to get in the way of harmonious destruction. Mean Corp and Black Flag had a small disagreement with regards to blues and as is the way with arguments in lowsec it normally ends in gun fire... With me stuck in the middle.

Black Flag eventually went inactive and many of her pilots joined The Bastards, based in Evati, they were constantly roaming through the area and I'm not sure how they became friends with Mean Corp but I was one day minding my own business whilst relieving people of their hard earned spaceships when an invitation to an intel channel appeared and lo and behold, Bastards and Mean were present. Gangs regularily contained mixed corps again and things were going swimmingly until once again egos landed.

Mean Corp and The Bastards were no longer friends and open hostilities ensued. I kept well out the way, choosing instead to purely solo at any opportunity. My only tether to sanity being Independence channel where many of my friends hang out.

I have friends in both corps and as such both are set blue to NovaKane Incorporated, along with my friend Realzonk and his crew in Hellequin, old corpmates Alpha and co in Flipmode Industries (Who do POS piracy in high security space, a very lucrative profession from what I can see) and old corpmates in Discrete Solutions Ltd.

58 Alliances are set red with 87 corporations making my shitlist. Now you may ask why I would need a red list, well it's an easy way for me to tell how badly I'm about to be blobbed, it's a handy intel tool.

Now while my blue list is very small there are others out there who I have flown with who I will not shoot unless shot at first. A sort of respect I show to those people I've gotten to know in Independence and other channels, many of whom I've shot at in the past.

Everything else is fair game and If I happen to shoot at you, it's nothing personal, it's just Piracy and after we can chit chat.

Not sure why I felt the need to clarify my position on blues or as is evident, my lack of blues but I felt it needed saying. I've gotten to know these guys well and through people like Laneth (aka Crusty), Waycharles, Asssassin X, Realzonk, Nozaro and flashfresh I am never ever really alone.

A shout out to Soup Spoon and Estar who keep me entertained on IRC and are the reason I started playing this wonderful game. The rest of the #eve crew at Ars Technica also keep me entertained and are subjected to my mad ramblings and rants on a regular basis (The Ars Technica community has pilots in Goonswarm, Kenzoku, Privateers and many other corporations and alliances but as a community we all enjoy each others company... Well most of the time, we do tend to troll each other and hate each other in internet spaceships)


Carole Pivarnik said...

Kane, I think I would be hurt if you didn't shoot at me if you had the chance...who wouldn't be honored by getting into a scuffle with you?! (Even despite the likelihood of being killed by ya.)

I used to have a lot more blues; neutrals are a lot easier to manage :)

Flashfresh said...

Kane my friend - a good clarification post, am sure some peeps out there need a reminder once or twice. Also, no-one in the independence channel is automatically blue. Just regards it as a pub on a friday night. Ach, the egos and drama between Black-Fleet, Mean, Black Flag et al. Sometimes, people pick arguments just so they can have a fight. There are those individuals who can start an argument in an empty room.

However, a fair few of us have your back. No worries about that.


Jorge Belda said...

Right now I have no blues. thats not to say that everyone is a target but right now the people I won't shoot I already know who they are.

there are a few people i'd not shoot unless i'm provoked. and there are a few people i'd not shoot even WHEN provoked. I simply would rather try and escape or lose the ship than pull the trigger against them. *shrugs*

being an ex-Black Flag and ex Bastard member has meant more freedom in regards to who i can fly with though, there are a couple of M#$N guys who are real fun to fly with which just wasn't possible back when in the Bastards

Right now like you i'm really enjoying just being solo and not having ANY cares in the eve world apart from who is under my guns.

orion scimatarii said...

orion scimatarii has ur back mate...u get into any trouble i'll come-a running :)

also, on a more lighter note how y been