Saturday, 25 April 2009

[OOC] Infamous or Famous?

We took pity on him because he'd lost both parents at an early age. I think that, on reflection, we should have wondered a bit more about that.

-- Lord Downey reflects on Mister Teatime (Terry Pratchett, Hogfather)

It's of interest to me the notoriety I have achieved through this blog, whether good or bad is a matter of debate as I like to think my actions in game should speak loud enough for my ability. But it seems words are even more powerful medium for inspiration than mere pixels on the internet.

I logged in this evening after having been absent due to real life commitments for a few days, my covops friend checking on secure loot cans dotted around space (which due to me being scarce have expired and been removed by CCP) when she spotted a Thrasher in the direction of the 2/10 plex in Gusandall. I was docked in station and just happened to be in my Ishkur, knowing it a very capable ship and probably a bit cocky, I undocked and warped on over, thinking a Thrasher would be an easy kill.

I was about to be proven very wrong. I warped in and the Thrasher was not inside the plex but waiting about 45 clicks off the acceleration gate. From this could be deduced he was running artillery and I would have to close the distance whilst coming under heavy fire and so I did. I was painted by the Thrasher and he engaged, my shields stripped away in a single volley. I overheated my afterburner to close quicker but he managed to keep range very well, I never came within 9km as my armour took heavy damage. Once I managed to get him scrambled I let lose a flight of Hobgoblin II drones and they streaked across the void as my small armour repairer struggled to keep up, I overheated to get every last bit of repair as I was deep in structure with flames streaking from my Ishkur. The repper was clawing back armour as I continued to dip further and further towards oblivion when my drones finally finished the Thrasher off, the pilot whipping his escape pod off rather sharpish. I grabbed the loot and warped to a safe to inspect the damage.

19% structure, 19% is all that stood between me and a rather expensive loss at the hands of a very well flown tech 2 artillery Thrasher.

Kane Rizzel > nicely done
Zarnak Wulf > just wanted a one on one w/ the famous kane col
Zarnak Wulf > gf
Kane Rizzel > same to you, gf

Uma Thurman > gf zarn
Zarnak Wulf > gf
Zarnak Wulf > waited the last two days for Kane. Interesting journals mate
Zarnak Wulf > Shouldn't tell folks where you hunt though =)
Kane Rizzel > heh, been busy at work so no play for me
Kane Rizzel > dude, telling people where I am means they come look for me, means more fights :P
Uma Thurman > and some good blogs too ;)
Zarnak Wulf > =)
Zarnak Wulf > I emptied all 10 rounds of RFEMP into that thing and it wasn't quite enough
GOUSGOUNIS THEOS > lol i escaped in hull was so close =p
Kane Rizzel > the ishkur may or may not be overpowered in the right hands
Kane Rizzel > I was at 19% hull though, you kicked out some vicious damage
Zarnak Wulf > if they ever increase the clip size. =)
Kane Rizzel > I'd fly arty thrashers :P

Zarnak Wulf > another time kane. Got to go.
Kane Rizzel > fly reckless o7

Massive props to Zarnak, a good fight and a reminder to me to not underestimate prey or as the case was, the hunter.

I'd just like to point out that the Mean Corp pilots on the mail were from an earlier engagement with Zarnak and they weren't present for our little duel.


Sard Caid said...

Very cool. Good to see the arty thrasher leaving an impression against such a tough opponent!

I haven't had folk seek me out for posting about my PvP, though given my lack of game time (and posts of late) it doesn't surprise me. I'm looking forward to the experience though.

It's odd that people would think we PvPers would worry about folk hunting us after posting our whereabouts. This is what we do: we WANT opponents, worthy or not!

Anonymous said...

Zarnak is a VERY respectable opponent who's always looking for a good fight. Even when the odds are against him he pulls off some great kills.

Zarnak, I'll see you around again I'm sure. o7

Squizz Caphinator

Uma said...

I was surprised about the dmg he did when i orbit him even with the tracking disruptor running. Lost the crow....was good fun :).

Zarnak Wulf said...

It was indeed good fun. Mean Corp gave me quite the scare before I even got the chance to fight Kane.

I picked the battlefield, the ship I wanted, and the ammo. I overheated everything to almost slag to maintain range and cycle the guns faster and it wasn't quite enough. The first salvo was in excess of 600 and the other 9 were all over 500 as memory serves. My expression turned more and more incredulous as your ishkur just refused to die. I'm curious to your fittings but that ishkur isn't on battleclinic. Dread Pirate Robertson to Inigo Montoya: Get used to dissappointment.

Great, memorable fight. I'll be watching your exploits.