Thursday, 11 June 2009

Republic Security Services are noobs

Look, that's why there's rules, understand? So that you think before you break 'em.

-- (Terry Pratchett, Thief of Time)
I got in gang again with the Mean Corp crew last night and we tried to get an engagement out of some hostiles in Ingunn but it was more like a Benny Hill chase.

After chasing the gang a fair few jumps we decided to head back to Gusandall as we weren't going to get a fight. I set destination for Gusandall and followed the route set out by the autopilot. Not really paying attention I jumped a gate and was surprised to see Minmatar Customs agents on the other side of the gate, I checked the system and cursed as I had jumped into a high security system.

I mentioned this on voice comms and laughter broke out. I quickly looked arond for the nearest planet and initiated warp, the lumbering hulk of my Harbinger taking an age to get up to speed but I made it out just as the Republic Security Services ships appeared and started to lock. I landed at the planet and aligned for the nearest lowsec gate and prayed. I initiated warp as my ship was surrounded by security ships intent on exploding me. Just as I was entering warp my systems shutdown as I was scrambled, neuted, jammed and taking heavy damage. I was resigned to losing the Harbinger but then something rather fantastic happened... I entered warp.

A member of our gang who was not an outlaw was already en route to grab what he could from my wreck but when he landed all that he found were some rather confused security ships. I had meanwhile jumped into the safety of lowsec and surveyed the damage. 28% armour is all that was left but I still had my ship. Incredible, they dropped tackle allowing me to escape.

I headed back to Gus, pleased that my shortcut didn't cost me more than some embarrasment and laughter. Thanks to Waycharles and Colonel Kurtz for repping my damaged Harbinger.

Needless to say my autopilot has been punished.


Nursultan said...

Hehe, I've become target of some ridicule recently for making a similar mistake and losing my Rifter.

Carole Pivarnik said...

Done this once or twice. Alcohol is usually involved. Kinda forgot I was shortcutting through Anher one night in the excitement of seeing a Caracal 10K from the gate. I pointed him. I died. Ooops.

Good to see you back flying and posting, matey.

Lanissum said...

Lol, you lucky S.O.B. I've done this too, but didn't get out alive :(

It's always funny though.

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