Tuesday, 9 June 2009

This is Gusandall

There were no public health laws in Ankh-Morpork. It would be like installing smoke detectors in Hell.

-- (Terry Pratchett, Feet of Clay)
Well know, it's been an eventful day in the life of one Kane Rizzel, insomnia making sure any plans I had for sleeping were all for nought so I decided to hang out with some friends from Mean corp and generally just shoot whatever was out there in a variety of interesting manners using various vessels of space violence.

I initiated a new ship into the NovaKane fleet in the shape of a Harbinger called Sgt Detritus.

The highlight of the day was a battle earlier this evening on the Eifer gate in Gusandall. We had reports of a battleship heavy gang with two battlecruisers. A quick check of who was online and a gang was formed, we had six battleships, two battlecruisers, an Onyx heavy interdictor, a Deimos heavy assualt cruiser and a Guardian logistics ship.

We gathered on the Eifer gate, when it was reported the hostile gang had warped to the Gusandall gate, we waited to see if they would jump into us, which they conveniently did. Primaries were called and the entire hostile gang dropped one by one.

Battle report

We encountered zero losses and were left with the spoils. Thanks go to Asssassin X for much needed repping as I took fire from sentries and my three brave Warrior II drones who died taking sentry fire.

We once again gathered on the Eifer gate when news of a Drake in Eifer filtered through the intel channels. The Drake was bouncing around the system so no one could get a fix on it but a Rook had the misfortune to jump into a bunch of Pirates thirsty for blood. The Rook didn't last long. His fit provided quite a few laughs, see if you can spot the fail.

Then a Hurricane undocked from Gus station and warped to the gate at 20km, he went down hard. I got a rather nice private convo from the poor fella.

Have had a very enjoyable two days back in the black, some good laughs on voice comms. Thanks to Mean Corp and Hellequin for the good times.

25 kills including 7 battleships, 4 battlecruisers, 4 heavy assault cruisers, a recon ship, an interceptor, 3 frigates, 2 destroyers and 3 pods, not a bad return for two days work.


Drawde Kraken said...

Thanks for the great fight :)

We had been roaming some 40 lowsec jumps, not finding a single person. In the end I figured I turn the fleet towards Gus in the hopes of atleast shootin something :) As always, you guys provide, although it took some 15 mins of waiting for you to gather up your fleet =)

- Drawde

Kane Rizzel said...

Yeah, it took us a while but we had eyes on your gang the entire time. It's awkward trying to get a mixed fleet together sometimes and a few pilots had to move from a fair few jumps out to get to Gus, waking up AFKers, then deciding what ships to bring etc...

Pickup gangs are sometimes the most fun and it was a very nice clean fight.

Asssassin X said...

Was a good fight. I don't mind not being on KM's as the logistics was needed :D

Keystone said...

I'm still very much a newb in EvE years, but the "fail" you mentioned, does it involve diminishing returns on those ECM mid slots? I thought after the third module the effects are null?

And, for the purpose of overheating the rack, wouldn't you want ALL slots full (noticed the empty high slot)

I'm probably way off; I just wanted to see if I could spot the fail, heh.

Kane Rizzel said...

I'll give you a hint "FIRE ZE MISSILES"

Ben said...

Its the NoS on the high slot. Your bringing a Rook within 10km or so of the blob. haha