Sunday, 11 October 2009

The four horseman

Nanny could get a statue to cry on her shoulder and say what it really thought about pigeons.

-- (Terry Pratchett, Maskerade)

"Battlecruiser heavy gang in Eifer"

"I see them, looks like the Brutix is baiting in belt 1-1"

With these words was sprung in motion a very fun fight. Sarvic was in Eifer in his Myrmidon, I was in a Rifter, I had warped above belt 1-1 for a little looksie and got on voice comms with the Mean crew.

"I'm heading back to Gus for something more robust" I said as I whipped the Rifter around towards the Gus gate. Sarvic had decided to do the same.

Back in Eifer in Nanny Ogg, it looked like we had missed the opportunity for a fight as we lost track of the gang when they jumped out. xastrosrulex in his Pilgrim went first to Ingunn and then to Sotrenzur trying to get eyes on them.

"They're in Sot"

"Everyone get on the Sot gate" said Sarvic.

Everyone included me in Nanny Ogg, Sarvic in a Typhoon, Emil Obi in a Dominix and Evil's Fink in a Harbinger.

The hostiles were ten strong, two Brutix, two Drake, a Hurricane, a Harbinger, two Tristan, a Punisher and a Manticore.

Astros had eyes on them waiting on the Gus gate in Sot, his Pilgrim would not be able to withstand a fight under sentry fire and we needed to decide if we would take the chance. Sarvic just grinned and said "Fuckit, jump and engage"

Primary was a Brutix, it dropped rather quickly, secondary Brutix started getting eaten as I set my Warrior IIs to work on the frigates.

"Sarvic going down"

Not exactly what you want to hear when outnumbered.

"Sarvic down, I'll be right back"

Emil, Fink and me carried on regardless, I took over target calling, this was a fight to the death, no retreat, no surrender.

Second Brutix down, I call the Hurricane primary, Harbinger secondary, we needed to clear the DPS. Hurricane down, I switch to the Harbinger, Mega Pulse II lasers sending hot laser love into its armor, it warps out. I change to short range crystals and focus fire on the closest Drake, Its shields hardly bothered by me, Harbinger comes back in, Fink goes down. The first Drake takes a while to go down and it pops as Sarvic rejoins us in a Maelstrom. Second Drake goes from Primary to secondary as I switch target to the Harbinger, not much left of the Harbinger when it warped back in. Second Drake is now Primary, it goes down hard, much quicker than the first. The Punisher and two Tristans were downed by drones and it was only the Manticore who managed to survive by staying out of disruptor range and warping out when drones were set on him.

I'm out of cap boosters, my Mega Pulse IIs are hungry beasts, overheated almost to the point of melting but Nanny Ogg stands imperiously over the battlefield, littered with wrecks.

An intense 9 minute fight, 4 against 10, 2 losses, 9 kills. Great fight.

Nanny Ogg's armour is deep in the red, 33% left, 12 of my 15 drones fell to sentry fire, but damn what a rush.

I head back to Gus to inspect the damage as the loot is collected.

"That'll be 15million ISK for repairs"


My guns are damaged, almost beyond repair, the armour is almost stripped away but luckily Sarvic and Emil offer to repair my ship for no charge, the station prices too criminal to even think about paying. Thanks guys.

Props to our opponents for a stand up fight. Props to Sarv, Emil and Fink for going along with this seemingly suicidal engagement and props to Nanny Ogg for topping all the killmails.


A former gamer coming out of retirement said...

Excellent stuff, this is why I try to keep my distance from the Mean crew & friends. 15mil repairs, nasty business but hurray for remote rep's!

Yargok said...

Good fight.

I myself refuse to pay such repair costs, i´d rather fit a repper and some paste and go out do it myself :)

Gutsy move to engage that fleet.


Kirith Kodachi said...

Man, nice work. I really got to get my Abaddon some action :)

Also, double-take at Kirith Darkblade's name.