Monday, 15 February 2010

It's good to be Mean

In the Beginning... It was a nice day. -- (Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman, Good Omens)

Grand Theft POS

A particularly mouthy resident of one of Eifer's adjacent highsec systems moves his Orca between Emolgranlan and Atgur. Always very well scouted and always leaves with a word or two. Nomi and Mandaro decided to have a butchers at what he was up to in Atgur this evening and it was by chance that a business associate of Mandaro spotted the Orca pilot's POS unanchoring. A cunning plan was set in motion to liberate the POS from under his nose.

While the POS unanchor timer counted down, the pieces moved into place. A business associate of Nomi would be ready cloaked in a transport. Various other assets were in place, along with Keira in a Machariel, to bump the Orca away from the POS.

The counter hit zero and the Orca uncloaks, our transport uncloaks and Keira gets a good head of steam, knocking the Orca off centre.

The POS was scooped and off we went on our merry

Keira Rizzel > Unlucky

Cheeky girl

House Cleaning

[Request - NovaKane Incorporated Capital deployment: Hrondedir POS - Pending]

"Really now?" says Keira, "You want me to bring the Moros?"

"Well duh, wouldn't have called otherwise"

[Request NovaKane Incorporated Capital deployment: Hrondedir POS - Approved]

Jump Fuel - Check
Siege Fuel - Check
Ammo - Check

This would be the third deployment of the Moros in the space of 5 days and probably the most risky of them all as the POS owners were online and in system.

This particular POS had been scouted before and the mods were the same, however the corp was different which created a bit of confusion. It took us a while to commit to taking out the guns with a Battleship gang so I decided I would try and solo the warp disruptor battery to get the ball rolling.

Now you may be asking why we would be engaging the guns and warp disruptor batteries first? Well, if we deploy our dreads, we would want a support fleet. The warp disruptor battery could prove annoying were a defence fleet dropped on us, so it had to go.

I had warped in, alone and vulnerable, my shields stripped almost instantaneously before I could build up transversal so that the medium and large artillery batteries couldn't track my Armageddon. But once up to speed it was plain sailing. The POS owners were kind enough to position all the defensive modules in a cluster at the top of the tower so it made this rather easy.

At 75% armour Sarvic warped in with his remote rep Dominix and gave me some armour loving, followed by Serenetor and AsssassinX's Guardians. Darthimus then came in with probably the most needy ship in game, the capacitor hungry Abaddon. His crystals had mostly burnt out so I dropped some spares I had.

Eventually we had incapacitated the disruptor and online guns so it was time to focus our attention on the tower. Five Dreadnoughts engaged in the initial siege but with hostile entities in local we sieged red and only did one cycle before removing the dreads to the safety of the station as a hostile interceptor started setting up snipe points.

The POS owners now decided it was time to anchor and online some resistance mods, it seems they were slightly loath to lose a faction large POS tower. But our fleet grew larger with battleships coming out for the fireworks.

With the POS owners doing one or two suicide runs in stealth bombers and the surrounding area seemingly empty the decision was made to bring the dreads back on to the field. The possibility of this escalating into an massive fight had me giddy with anticipation.

With only four dreads and a sizeable support group we continued to rain down on the POS, even as the owners unanchored one of the Advanced mobile labs. They tried to do another but the shield had dropped below the magic 50%, making this attempt futile.

We went through about five siege cycles to drop the large faction tower into reinforced, Keira running low on ammo and myself having burnt out most of the crystals on my mega pulse lasers.

With a time now set for a fight we withdrew the dreads from the field and finished knocking out some offline guns with the support fleet. This whole operation took us a while but was quite entertaining on voice comms.

Now Keira needs to get more stront, more ammo and some new sentry drones as some of hers went walkabout inside the POS forcefield, I need to get some new crystals and hopefully we will be available for round two.

Official NovaKane Incorporated Announcement

NovaKane has joined Mean Coalition.

I fly with them enough that it just seemed right to make it official. I will however still retain my independence and reserve the right to cause havoc on my onesy.


Sard Caid said...

After spending the last three weeks flying regularly with an alliance chock full of good friends, I too joined their crew with my three man corp. Why not, right?

Hope the politics don't drive you insane, and that the good times keep on rolling.

Kane Rizzel said...

I couldn't think of a reason not too to be honest, I enjoy flying with them, it's nice to have backup should the need arise and I get to play with some bigger toys.

Good luck to you too, good times is what it is all about.

Flashfresh said...

Grand Theft POS indeed - nice find and good luck in the new (old) home.

Carole Pivarnik said...

Seems a good match, considering how much fun you have with them.

InterDict said...

Ah yes, nothing like a covert POS liberation, somehow the isk gained smells so much dirtier!

Congrats on the Alliance Kane, as Mynxee said, a good match if ever there was one.