Monday, 12 July 2010

911 what's your emergency?

A friend of a friend engaged a Drake, in a belt, in Ingunn, with his Hurricane.

Now the more savvy amongst you are going to say "But Kane, surely it was bait?"

Well... Yeah!

So our friend's friend mentions in a shared friendly intel channel that now there's another Drake, and a wolf and they have commenced hostilities against his Hurricane.

He was fighting back admirably but there was just too much fire-power being dealt to his Hurricane...


With a few of the M34N crew hanging about and some friends from Jovian Enterprises, a blob of some significance descended upon the belt where our friend's friend was being violenced.

Six brave souls ventured forth and outblobbed the three mighty warriors from Everset Dropbears who had by now vanquished our friend's friend's Hurricane.

First order of business was dispatching their Wolf, which we did, then onto the primary Drake, which I had pointed, Laneth had pointed the secondary Drake as our 3 battlecruisers, 1 heavy assault cruiser and two faction cruisers opened hostile negotiations for cessation of hostilities.

Props to the Dropbear Drakes, solid tanks but just not solid enough, as our blob, blobbed out the stars, they went down, like the prom queen at the after party.

The Dropbears were gracious in defeat and even offered "GF" in local, no mention of our massive Blob however :(

All loot went to our friend's friend to help get him back on his feet again.

Stay Classy


Soup Spoon said...

Fucking blobbers

Ant said...

really man, bringing 4 BC, HAC, and 2 crusiers to kill 2 drakes and a wolf?
Long ago I lost all respect towards mean, don't make me lose it towards you...
this is not a thing to write about tbh.

Glaziane Amorim said...

Wow, your blog is pretty awesome.... Visit my!

NoizyGamer said...

The Everset Dropbears were formed from Eve University's old Division 6. Compared to Unista standands, you didn't bring a blob.

(Comment just in case Kane comes back)