Tuesday, 13 July 2010

[OOC] The straw

It seems CCP is shitting all over its player base and is seemingly going to ignore critical issues for other shiny and useless things that the players of their main cash maker don't give a flying fuck about.

Now, while I have really enjoyed my many years playing their game, I can not and will not continue to give them money while the game I love continues on a downward spiral.

CCP have stated that EVE is, from a technical standpoint, in better shape than it's ever been. Shit, how bad has it been in the past? And how the fuck have we not noticed? Cause it's in a shit shape right now with regards to lag, database issues, connectivity issues etc.

Yes, I'm mad, but not mad enough to continue wasting money. Just a few loose ends to tie up and then I'm offski.

It's been real.

Stay Classy


Anonymous said...

Huh... A pirate emo-rage quits because he can't get his pew-pew on. Go figure.
And as a point of anecdote, I never had lag or connectivity issues while I mined all day long semi-afk in my carebear boat...
Thanks for reducing my risk!

Henner Borgenson said...

Omg-EVE-is-broken-and-CCP-doesn't-give-a-shit. Move on and show some decency by never coming back. We won't miss you.

Mandrill said...

The two previous commenters are missing the point entirely. Unfortunately, for a lot of players and in a lot of major gameplay areas EVE is broken. But thats not the point either.

The point is that the players, through the CSM, brought their concerns to CCP. CCP seemed to listen and nodded at all the right places and then turned round and basically said £We're not going to fix these things for another 18 months, if at all. Here, have a look at the shiny new things that you didn't ask for (and we hope they'll distract you from what you really wanted)"

Its all very well CCP instituting the CSM as a way to get players input on the game, but the perception that it is nothing more than a marketing gimmick is being lent weight by CCP's apparent disdain for the input they are getting.

Every player who leaves is a blow to CCP's wallet, no matter how they play the game. Less players means less money, means less resources for CCP to dedicate to EVE.

The previous commenter's attitude is a little hypocritical IMO. If the person quitting was an AFK mining carebear I'm sure you'd be up in arms saying that Pirates ruin the game and CCP should be doing things to keep the carebears. Here's a news flash: it doesn't matter to CCP whether you're a carebear or a pirate, or a 0.0 PvPer as long as your paying your subs.

If you actually read the minutes of the summit, and the minutes of the meetings that the CSM have had so far. You'll see that alot of what they were taking to CCP would affect everyone in the game. Its not the lack of love for Pirates that Kane is protesting, its the seeming lack of love for any of the playerbase.

Get some perspective. EVE is not just about you and your carebearing ways, neither is it just about Pirates and their yarrage.

Sorry to see you go Kane, you'll be missed.

Anonymous said...

And so came the end of Kane Rizzel, King of Eifer, scourge of the solodrake and blogposter extraordinaire. Thanks CCP for forcing out another thing that makes this game great :-S

Henner Borgenson said...

The point is that I see a lot of people complaining that apparently don't have a realistic perspective on commercial game development.

First of all, CCP is committed to their own long-term projects Incarna and Dust, and it's just not a viable option for them from a commercial point of view to delay those any further by devoting more resources to fixing stuff that mostly affects not the majority of players.

Second of all, statements like "fix the lag" before doing anything else are just stupid since there is no use in just throwing more resources on a single specialized issue that only one or two dozen developers at CCP can understand. If you understand some stuff about networking and databases, and look at the general design of their infrastructure, you understand that especially the lag issue is a seriously hard engineering problem and not just a simple bug fix.

Sure, you can ask for your moon on a stick. But it's stupid to cry about it when you don't get it... for a reason.

Dasann said...

Sorry to see you leave Kane. I've been reading your blogs for quite some time now. Always entertained, and sometimes enlightened. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

This was one of the first Eve blogs I started reading and it really sucked me in to the game. I'm sorry to see Kane go but I hope that if/when CCP gets their act together he'll come back. I respect someone who is willing to make a statement by withholding his subscription fees even though he loves the game. (And I know he still enjoys it!)

noise said...

I'll miss your blog. Sorry to see you go.

Sard Caid said...

You're doing more than I care to do Kane. Seeya around.


Casiella Truza said...

Sorry to see you leave. Hope you'll return at some point! :)

Foxtrot74 said...

Hate to see you go kane.
its been fun in the past few weeks flying with.
hope you come back at some point.

Its been a Pleasure Flying with you

Over and out good buddy

Carole Pivarnik said...

Sad times, Kane. You're one of my original inspirations as well. Even I...who sat through those meetings with many, many "WTF" moments occurring in my mind...have not quite given up yet.

Don't biomass your toons :) I'm giving it til the December Summit to see what transpires there. If it's same old same old, yeah...I might decide its time to unsub til they fix things, too.

noise said...

My initial reaction was to just let my accounts expire. But upon further thought, I believe that the community I am part of is worth more. I enjoy the company I have through EVE Online and also #tweetfleet too much to make me unsub at this time.

Anonymous said...

I share your frustrations mate, it's one of the reasons for my taking a break.

As Mynxee said, don't biomes your toons. There may still be a chance that CCP will pull their head out of their ass.

Geaux Tiger said...

Your gonna be missed man, but it is understandable why you're leaving.

Like others here, you were my main inspiration for starting a blog and really getting into the pirate side of Eve.

Fly Casual,

Anonymous said...

You'll be back.

...So don't give away your stuff.

Flashfresh said...

Kane my dear friend - don't go. This stuff is in our blood and I am unsure how else you can satisfy the need to blow up total strangers and their pixels. Pirates adapt - you taught me this and I know that, deep down you can manage this. However, I respect your principled stand - withholding your subscription in protest. I am not in the position to take such a step having responsibilities to other pilots in my corporation. Still, don't biomass anything or give anything away (unless it is to me) - we'll see you back, soon. I hope.


Szilardis said...

I enjoyed your blog, always was one of the reasons I started mine. Be safe.

Mokor said...

Sad thing... Enjoyed your blog.
But I think you'll be back.

Spectre said...

I totally understand how you feel Kane. I've never had my heart sink as much as when I read the meeting minutes a couple of days ago and I quickly realized after reading some blogs and forums that I was far from the only one. I can't say that I'm quite ready to give up on CCP or Eve yet... they did ask the CSM to bring suggestions for lowsec back to them and I have a lot of faith in Mynx, Teadaze and the others to keep pushing for priorities to be shifted. There has been a lot of noise over this the past few days and I think maybe you should give it at least a little bit of time and see if CCP responds and throws us a bone or just ignores the hub-bub.

Regardless, I've always loved your blog. Good luck with whatever you do.

Cat o'Ninetails said...

hi kane cat here

i have enjoyed your stories for a long time even tho you are a pirate and stuff

i have let my accounts expire in the last month too lol

but once (if) i resubscribe we will have that fight ive been talking about with you for ages lol (not cat)

take care


Yargok said...

Aww damn, you been one of my favourite blogs.

The legend of the one man army that is Kane Rizzel will live on I am sure... until you return.

(they always do)
-I guess this is what ccp knows, they know we are hooked :)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks and I'll be sad to see you go.

Your blog and Ka Jolo's were my original inspiration to start playing the game. You were also kind enough to help this noob with some questions early on in my Eve career.

Thanks for everything


Rixx Javix said...

Sorry to see you go m8.

Ospie said...

Sad to see you going

Best of luck

Ant said...

you'll be back.
everyone comes back

ps. can i have your stuff? :P

Anonymous said...

This is a lie, everyone knows rich players like Kane Rizzel buy PLEX and play for free anyway. You can't waste money on something you don't pay for!

jojo said...


Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...


Will miss you. I've let my account lapse too haha. Oh I want to see CCP's subscription numbers graph!

@Henner Borgenson

Paragraph 1: make complete sentences please.

Paragraph 2: "it's just not a viable option for them from a commercial point of view" - I think it has been viable for them to keep EVE up to standards for 6 or 7 years now bud. If no players enjoyed the game enough to invest (aka pay) then they would have never been able to create DUST or anything else.

"fixing stuff that mostly affects not the majority of players." - ah the irony.

Paragraph 3: "there is no use in just throwing more resources on a single specialized issue that only one or two dozen developers at CCP can understand." - then hire more engineers who understand. And even though it is a single issue it is a critical issue that affects the entire game.

Paragraph 4: " But it's stupid to cry about it when you don't get it... for a reason." - take your own advice.

Theo d'or said...

Understand you very well, Kane. Things are not as bad in FW in general, but CCP has gotten me very close to the quit and biomass button, and it won't take much more from them.

One sad thing about so many highly skilled and experienced players leaving is that the vacuum left by your absence is going to be filled with pubbies and idiot carebear wannabe pirates, who will then proceed to make life miserable for the rest of us by screaming how their internet pixel ship was shot in a 0.2 system while they were farming losec rats.

Darkkblack said...

Saw Flashfresh in Akkio today and thought of you. Keep loading your blog to see if you updated yet. Hope you make it back to the game soon.

Seldon/Soup Spoon said...

As the one that could be blamed for bringing the scourge that is Kane into eve, it really is sad to see him go. I've been on a long term break for a year now, but I hold out hope, and one of those hopes was that Kane was still there and so I could always go back. Now that seems to be gone for at least now too, and bummer.

I was also hoping, after the first two comments, that there would be a ton of people saying good riddance and all that, but no, I was let down in that too. Almost all people saying bye (or see you later.) Now my world is shattered.

Don't worry, we'll keep talking eve in chat, and who knows, maybe the group of us that still hang out will decide to swing back in. You'll know from this blog if it happen :)

Soup Spoon

DocFloyd said...

Will miss you... I stopped playing as well in May....Enjoyed your posts..