Thursday, 7 October 2010

One Beeeellion ISK

"Not a man to mince words. People, yes. But not words."
-- (Terry Pratchett, Small Gods)

So what's cracking? Fill me in on what's happening in the world of EVE... Please.
Reading various websites about the goings on of CCP and EVE Online is enough to give an aspirin a headache, so I turn to you, the players of EVE to educate me.

Three optional patches to fix a patch? Micro-transactions? Rocket boost? (Rocket Spec IV represent)
Is this all just an elaborate troll?

I miss EVE, I truly do. There's nothing quite like the social aspect of the game to be found anywhere. Sure you can have fun with other games but EVE is about people and while from my point of view, CCP doesn't really care about the people that pay them to play their game, it's the people that make the game what it is.

Kane Rizzel has been running around Battlefield Bad Company 2 stabbing wookies and reviving fallen comrades with shock paddles, but I don't know any of these comrades. He has also been enjoying the Medal of Honor open beta but again doesn't know any of these people.

Now you'll ask yourself why I care? Why a solo pirate who shied away from flying with others in an MMO would seek the company of others?

Well, I like to talk, I never shut up, unless you're an attractive woman then I clam up and can't get a word out. But EVE was probably the best chat client, ever. You got to shoot stuff and talk with other people shooting stuff, fucking brilliant.

Here I am, on the raggedy edge, undecided. I turn to my readers, what's left of them for help, but this help will not go unrewarded.

One Billion ISK to the person who presents the most compelling reason/s for me to return.
It can be anything from art, poetry, threats or fiction. Be creative but also informative, like you're trying to sell the game to the most discerning of Pirates.
Deadline for entries will be when I have some leave in a few weeks time (Can't remember when I booked it for but I know I booked some leave... I think)

Will the Rizzels and associates make a return to New Eden?
Will Kane ever find happiness?
Will Justin Bieber ever hit puberty?

It's up to you :)

Oh, bee tea double you, I've been clean and clear for 16 weeks \o/

Huggs and kisses


Stay strong and never surrender


Anonymous said...

Reasons to come back.... let me think..

Where else can you be a pirate, hunt down carebears for tears, ransom those expensive ships and pod the ones that won't pay.

No other game will put a bounty on your head, be flashy red and have a WANTED sticker slapped over your portait??

Your tales of Yarr, death and destruction read by hundreds (or in my case 1 or 2) of loyal blog followers who look forward to hearing your stories of a life they are too scared to follow themselves..

Customising your ships in hundreds of different ways and coming up with new and fun ways to trick PVEr's and steal their mission loot..

OK I've run out of ideas now.. Eve is different for everyone.. I love it, play too much and yes it has it's issues but so does every game..

It's the only game I've played that lets you do anything you want, when you want for as long as you want...


mikoloco said...

Unless You can't "sip responsibly" do not come back. There are better things to do.

Max Roeleveld said...

I have one very simple reason to get back A.S.A.bloody P: if you don't, these kittens get it.

(and good on you for staying clean =])

Achernar said...

Come back to experience other aspects of the game than the pirate's life?

sonoftheflame said...

Why you should come back? How else will you know if your truly alive? everyone gets it, its a gamble, that lone ratter in a faction fit ship. dose he have friends? maybe. will your friends be fast enough? you hope so. you lock them up. the rounds fly. the anticipation, the fear of losing a chunk of everything you worked for, the excitement of trying to be the best. The thrill of the kill, the agony of the loss. The brotherhood of the pack. As a pirate your a wolf. wild free and the master of your own life. Thats why i play eve, thats why i all ways come back. my corp is my family, and when our pack takes down something we have no reason to i never feel more alive.

Flashfresh said...

We just miss you mate, all your friends do.

Unknown said...

Don't come back-
Your skills have probably diminished, you most likely don't have the instinctual reactions anymore to flee or fight (this will lead to more ship losses then wins). You would save $15.00 a month. Nothing new is really happening, (minus aligning to bookmarks FINALLY!), last but not least rifters suck!

Good Day
Snow Raven Explorer Corp
Placid Region

Arggam said...

First, play this:

Now, look at this map:

All that is yours. And currently, it's occupied by carebears. You have to do something about that.

There is an ocean of carebear tears to drink, shiny internet spaceships to drink from, and a horde of friends to drink with.

Come back, and live the dream.

Velatori said...

Come back because of the potential of Incursion and Incarna.

In what other game will you be able to sneak into high sec while the Sansha are invading, pod someone, and then dock up to offer them their own frozen corpse while complimenting them on how well their tight-fighting skirt fits their ass? ^_^


Come back mate, Eve needs all the pirates it can get, we are the educators of the game. A slowly dying breed thanks to ccp's hatred of us.

But it has it's up sides like pirates being the most honourable people in the game. The more the Merrier. So i put this to you, come back and make eve a better place :P

Much respect for someone who still has the balls to solo.

PS: It will also keep the fans happy ( :

If you ever bored hit me or any Python up for a roam.


Lightamanonfire said...

To put it bluntly, chaos. A bunch of southern alliances tried and failed to invade the northern alliances, and the stress of that failure has caused not just an alliance to failscade, but the entire south. Atlas is gone. AAA is heading for extinction. The 'New Providence' experiment, without AAA to guide it, has already fallen to internal fighting. Initiative and White Noise have grabbed way more space than they can possibly hold and are still expanding. They've displaced huge numbers of highly skilled players and corps who will be looking to regain access to nullspace, one way or another.

This basically means a complete breakdown in the south. It's a mess. What better time to be a pirate? Recently a gang of stealth bombers took out a carrier in Providence. No help came, no blob of defenders. What can you do in a vacuum of authority? Anything you want.

Astasinou said...

It boils down to other experience other than sex or active combat in RL (I'm recently retired Army) can get your blood pumping like when you come out of warp 30-40Km from a newb/carebear and your burning toward him praying you get within range before he warps. The sweet feeling of satisfaction that one receives as the now destroyed ships owner cries in local calling you every name in the book and we explain that we are merely teaching them the true values of Eve. And finally lets be honest, this is the most complicated and intriguing game out there regardless of its flaws. You have the ability to make something of yourself in this game that many folks will NEVER achieve in RL. You can become a billionaire, pirate, industry giant, alliance leader...........
We all agree with you that CCP is on its collective ass in making us happy, however remember you cannot affect change as an outsider.........only as a member and insider!!
Come back!!!

P.S- In reference to the post about the south falling apart.....definitely parts of it have.....IT alliance however is as strong as ever and is nowhere near any kind of collapse.....and yes I say that as a former BOB member and a current IT member.

Gabrienne said...

Simply this: It's not the same without you around. This is the only place where your actions can directly impact the lives of others.

Whether it's harvesting the delectably sweet bear tears and sharing them out for the rest of us to read about, or just socializing with the pilots you call friend.

CCP may not care about their subscribers any more... but the question is, will you do the same and ignore those of us who eagerly await your next tale of lowsec anti-heroics? or will you take the higher path and return to a world that's more than a little diminshed by your absence?

Make your choice, make your way, and make EVE your world.

Anonymous said...

You already gave the good reason: the people, the community, the stories that the players create everyday.

TBH though they do suck sometimes and can be a bit arrogant and short sighted, CCP are trying and things are getting better.


P.S. 16 weeks! Congrats, keep it up, life's too good to die young or spend half of it off your head.

Dacus Aurelius said...

Simply put, the reason to come back would be for the love of the game. Everyone else has said it already, where else can you lie, scam, and cheat your way to success and not get banned for it? Where else can you fly all kinds of amazing spaceships and use all kinds of devastating weaponry, or corner the player-made market on whatever you want? Eve is the only place to go. and why not? Worse comes to worse, you can even pay with in game currency. There is no equal.

Theo d'or said...

One word, mate: Don't. OK, that's a contraction of two words, but if you quit smoking, booze and drugs (honestly, fuck that shit) and eve and are now doing some sport and not being an over-aggressive cunt in RL, then you will in all likelihood return to that if you return. Addiction withdrawal, no matter what the drug, be it speed or eve or smoking, always comes back to haunt you at times. And will for the rest of your life, but will diminish over time.

Be strong. Do something productive with your life. Don't return to eve.

Merk Muldain said...

Hi Kane, I just stumbled upon your blog since I want to start pirating in EVE. After reading this post and what you've achieved yourself the past few months I say keep away from the game!

Gaming can be as much of an addiction as drugs or alcohol, I've been addicted to DAoC many many years ago and still get drawn to MMOs even though I know I get addicted easily. Now luckily for me I have a family now and a wife that doesnt understand gaming, she'd never let me play more than 2 hours a day ;) You're doing so great in walking away from your past addictions, keep at it. Eve has nothing real-life doesnt have. And that person saying you can become anything in EVE while you can't in RL is dead wrong. Every single minute spent with EVE is a minute lost working on yourself and your future.

Ask yourself this: Am I playing, or wanting to play to unwind? Or to feel better for a short while because you miss it or other things (drugs, alcohol, social interaction)? You need to replace your past addictions with a new one, try out some sports, get better at your work, or switch careers completely! Find those new impulses and don't fall back into old habits. Gaming may seem like a harmless past-time, but it's probably one of the worst if you don't know how to dose your time spent with it.

I've been addicted to all the stuff you have and left it all behind me 3 to 4 years ago. My biggest help with this was my wife, and to be honest, if I was alone again I'd probably start all over. You seem to be alot stronger then that, so don't lose it now! Keep playing BFBC2, since those play sessions are short, but keep clear of any MMOs for at least a year, if not more.

Best of luck to you man!

Merk Muldain said...

And reading further you're a Discworld fan aswell. The similarities are eerie.

A thought just hit me, why not start trading and familiarizing yourself with stockmarkets and the likes? Just as a hobby, and when you do get back to EVE you can use your trading skills in EVE and make billions! Maybe even make actual dollars/pounds/whatever and it can all be done from behind the computer aswel! Win/win.

Unknown said...

ok my reasons for you to come back..
firstly- eve is one of the only single shard games out there so every player really does have an impact and colourful pirate types such as yourself make all of our world's a little brighter.

secondly- as a pirate there will be rum, also should i win with my reasons i will be purchacing a billion isk worth of rum..i like rum.

thirdly- we have THE best comunity of any mmo, you just need to read the blogs or fan sites to know that. we have meany inspired and creative people in the comunity , and as a pirate you get to shoot them!

forth- im skint and need the billion isk so i can blow it on rum and be skint..again.

5th- because no one likes a quiter, and if you dont return I will post motivation/ abusive messages over your blog every 2 days.

6th - because the voices in my head say you returning is a good idea

7-did I mention the rum?

8 - where else can you get the thrill of killing someone, who 2 months later ends up working with you?

9- without your supscription payments eve may collapse a buisness and DIE!

10- lastly becase we miss your dumb ass.

Unknown said...

Honestly, EVE is dying a slow painful death. :ccp: is out of their drunk Icelandic minds focusing on PvE and the infamous "walking in stations" movement.

There is only so much spreadsheets, trading, drama, political intrigue, pubbie tears can do to keep players interested. I would kill for :ccp: to release how many legitimate new accounts have been created in the past 6 months and not associated with an email address or credit card previously in the system. You can bet your billion isk it is close to zero.

0.0 has turned stale. It has been so difficult with the new Sov system to launch an effective long-term campaign against anyone. Combat is all about roaming brofist/shieldfist/hot drop SuperCaps. The old guard is burning out. Holes appear everywhere yet the dynasties still manage to troll along with a skeleton crew at the wheel.

While it would be fun to see your old warrior ass back in the game, i have pity for it wont be long before your gouging your eyeballs out with 'why did i resub?'

Anonymous said...

Rockets to be buffed
Carebears say Eifer is safe
Kane: violence boats

Beanard said...

The reason to come back is included in your own post.

EVE was probably the best chat client, ever. You got to shoot stuff and talk with other people shooting stuff, fucking brilliant.

So quit being a carebear and x up.

Nashh Kadavr said...

resertved, will post entry tonight

Anonymous said...

For yourself, pure and simple. If you enjoy the game, it you enjoy the company of people you play with and/or against, and if the time you play it is a positive contribution to your life, then what more reason do you need?

Nashh Kadavr said...

my entry is here;

much love.

Captain Blackler said...

You need to come back because tearz are your cocaine.

You don't need a reason written - you feel it... you KNOW IT.

Dranaarus said...

Because you want to. Because it makes you happy. Because it's fun.

I wrote a short novel of reasons but I think you've probably "heard" it all already from enough people when you're not convincing yourself.

Bottom line, if it's something that will bring you more joy than frustration then I say go for it.


Memoocan said...

I haven't read any other comments so sorry if I become an echo.

Playing Eve can be more than playing a game. Just seeing how many comments I had to scroll through proves you have community, camaraderie. That's worth quite a bit. I, for one, think your writing style is worth getting back to it all by itself. I love finding a new post on your page.
Plus, what better way to stay clean than blowing up internet spaceships.
You know you miss the rush.
Don't make us sad

Progression's Horizon

Mike Azariah said...

Reasons, you don't need to have a reason. You don't need no STEENKING reasons.

You'll come back because you want to. No faux reason we can provide will make you change your mind.

Now give me the cash or else don't come back and can I has yer stuff?


Anonymous said...

I flew to Eifer specifically to take a piss in it, since you had the nerve to leave it wide open. Thought to myself, Kane Rizzel lived here, and I'm pissing in it!

Have loved your blog. You've definitely got some voice in you for writing. Writing every day or just often, like you do, is like working out, but for an entirely different set of muscles than those your body uses. It's axiomatically more than frivolous.

Hope you manage to balance everything. Hope I do, too. Good luck.

Jadonnis Searstorm said...

Why come back?

EVE is harsh, every day. Define your rules - live your way. No one can stop you, it's all up to you. From mining to stealing or whatever your ruse.

Real life can beckon and real life can sway, but where else can you always have it your way.

Station Container said...

- Station Container

Station Container said...

And last but not least...

- Station Container

M McElrath said...

Why should you come back?

Why... because you're Kane Rizzel! That's why!

Raiin FarSeeker

Nitor1013Z said...

Hmmm, well i can think of many reasons to come back to eve.

1) Lowsec has gotten lonely without you D: PLEASE COME BAAAAAAAAAAAACK

2) I'll have an excellent blog to read again :D

3) The violencing of boats has significantly dropped since you left, and the ripple effect of that non-violencingness has led ccp to think that people will actually want to walk in station and shoot rats /o\ If (when) you come back the piwates and pvp-ers will have someone to lead the invasion into CCP space.

4) You're Bhaalgorn will finally get some action again, shining up killboards everywhere after their boats have been violenced completely.

5) Just do it.

Thats my top 5 reasons.

Oh, and if you don't come back, i won't have anyone to share the pain of incarna or incursion with.

Toodles o/

***The 1 billion isk prize for this contest has already been stolen and deposited in the SEC account of Nitor1013Z***