Sunday, 6 March 2011

Pride and Absolution

"Real children don't go hoppity-skip unless they are on drugs."
-- Susan, the ultimate sensible governess
(Terry Pratchett, Hogfather)

It's not often I fly in a sizeable gang and I started the evening off not in any gang whatsoever but when the locals started harassing folk on various gates and in various systems it became evident there may be some fun to be had.

We were picking off lone travellers here and there when a report of Two Absolution, a Drake, a Cynabal and a Sleipnir are reported jumping into Eifer amd then into Gusandall.
"Tackled" is heard on voice comms and I urge all present pilots to move to the Eifer gate ASAP.

The hostile gang had jumped in and engaged a valiant Jonothan Xavier in his Brutix on the gate. We start to land and I call the Sleipnir primary target, Cynabal secondary, spread points and web.

Sleipnir is chosen as primary because it is high DPS but has the most volatile tank and the other two command ships were very likely set up to boost armour, Drake we all know has a massive buffer so that left Cynabal as secondarybecause well, it's faction and we all like to kill faction.

Jon goes down like a hooker in an alley, followed by Xylorn in his Rapier but the Sleipnir folds.

Cynabal has moved well out of range, so I call a switch to the Drake but he de-aggos and jumps out, we start on the closest Abso, one jumps out, other warps away.

Meanwhile, hero Tengu of Asssassin X has followed the Cynabal and has him tackled. The Cynabal's trajectory led him away from our position, eventually leading to us being able to warp to Asssassin X and end the Cynabal's evening.

One of the Absolutions jumps back in, we warp down to the gate, agress but he makes it back within jump range and naturally jumps out, Once again there's a hero tackle on the other side by Asssassin X and there's enough time for us to wait out our timers, jump into Eifer and make violence on the Absolution.

If you're paying attention, I'm flying something a little different, a new ship launched this very evening and one I must say I quite like, it's very... different.

Happy birthday to Ariartus by ze vay :)

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