Saturday, 15 March 2008

Back to basics...

The last few days have been fun, I have had my fill of gang combat and was looking to get back into frigates and their variants for some good old fashioned anarchy. I have used the Rifter and Plex Wolf to great effect these past few days and only ventured out of my home system once, granted I was drunk and undocked a Rapier but I managed two kills, an Ishkur and Cormorant and had a good fight with two Ruptures before they managed to warp out, the alcohol effecting my reflexes. (I'm sticking by that story)

My numbers for the two days look decent, 28 kills including 13 pods, their corpses now residing in "The Morgue" 7 Rifters, 2 Ishkur, Cormorant, Scythe, Merlin, Catalyst, Slasher and Manticore all going down for zero losses on my part.
Looking at my Killboard it appears that these kills brought another milestone, 600 kills with no end in sight. Of course numbers don't mean much, the fight is what matters and I had a few good 1v1 Rifter fights particularily with an up and coming Pirate called Izzy Lizzy, an Eve University graduate and recent convert to the dark side.

Some good loot, a mixture of Tech 2 and Complex which should fetch much ISK in the trade hub of Rens when it gets moved there and put on the market.

I sit on my bunk, head still dazed from last nights excess, I take some more painkillers and prepare for the numb

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