Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Complexity of Complexes

What a day, I sit in my hangar and try to run the events through my head, I have a slight headache but nothing I'm not used to.
I take a sip of the tea sitting on the table and light a cigarette, where do I start?

Well as usual, Keira was up bright and early, that woman is really annoying, most morning people are. I have never been good at mornings, one of my many failings but Keira was insistant that I get my ass into something that could go into one of our local Angel Complexes, I boarded a Wolf class assualt frigate and undocked. Keira had spotted two targets, a Rifter in one plex and a Slasher in another. I decided to target the Rifter pilot first as he was the most experienced from the reports we were able to gather, I warped to the plex entrance and activated the ancient warp gate, it slung me into warp and after a few moments I re-entered normal space and the Rifter was sitting dead still as my systems adjusted after the warp, target lock resolved and the Rifter melted, I locked and warp disrupted the pod and opened convo to offer ransom "10million ISK and the pod goes free" a reasonable request considering the age and experience of the pilot, the answer? "Fuck Off"
Now that wasn't nice, so I relieved the pilot of his pod after terminating the conversation, scooping his corpse into my hold to add to the collection, his loot was also scooped and I warped out.

My next target was in a Slasher in the other plex and I caught him just as he finished off the last Angel frigate, his fragile frigate no match for the power of the Wolf, his pod was locked, and scrambled, kinda like breakfast this morning.

I docked up and placed the two corpses in "The Morgue" and boarded a Jaguar class assault frigate, there was a Rifter ratting in the asteroid belts and I wanted to introduce him to my 150mm autocannons, I caught the pilot napping and soon his corpse was floating in space, scooped and addd to the collection.

Keira came over comms again and said she had spotted a Flycatcher class Interdiction destroyer in the first complex and I made all haste back to the station to grab the Wolf, the Jaguar I was in was not setup for plex hunting.
I undocked and made my way to the plex once again, activating the gate and being shot through to the deadspace where the afterburner fitted to the Wolf would prove invaluable. I burst out of warp and my systems resolved to show the Flycatcher over 50km away fighting Gistii frigates, I flicked the afterburner into life and started to close the distance, every second would count and it seemed like an eternity till I had closed to within 24km and could activate my warp disruptor, lock resolved and the disruptor did its job and the Interdictor was now trapped, I loaded Republic Fleet EMP shells into my guns and closed to within firing range and opened up, the Flycatcher returned lock and opened fire itself but was deep in structure and barely denting my shields, a flash and his escape pod was jettisoned, the wreck of the elite destroyer smoldering in space, I locked his pod and opened convo "10million and the pod goes free", he countered with "9Million" Now I really hate when someone tries to negotiate when they are in no position to do so, don't waste time, so I said "11million, don't try to negotiate" again he countered with "9million"
I closed convo and vapourised his pod, scooping his corpse to my hold.

Now you might say I lost out on 9million ISK but it's the principle for me, I don't negotiate, I'm a Pirate not a salesman.

I docked up and had a much needed cigarette and tea when Keira shouted over comms that she had probed out 3 Vexors in a mission, I raced to "The Fifth Elephant" my Slepnir class Commandship and undocked, set warp towards Keira's position and primed my weapons and tackling systems, I burst out of warp on top of the acceleration gate and activated it, being flung into the mission deadspace. Coming out of warp I was greeted by three targets, three Vexor cruisers to be exact. 3 on 1 would have been an epic fight, my lock resolved on all 3, I primaried the closest and set my disruptor on him, the other 2 warped out and left their friend to die, his corpse joining those already collected today.
I warped out to a safespot and waited, the other 2 returned onto scan but they had a scout on the gate now, the Vexor pilot who died in the plex had recloned and boarded a rookie ship to act as an early warning, I warped in and dispatched him again, grabbing the corpse in the process, I hastily returned to base to Grab a recon ship with a cloaking system that would allow me to enter the complex and wait for them to return, bypassing the scout entirely.
With a bit of patience they did return, the scout first, and then the two Vexors, I uncloaked the Rapier and targeted both, setting tackling systems on one whilst the other warped out, another Vexor down but he managed to warp his pod out.
I recloaked and waited, the scout came into the plex twice to see if I was about and soon the 3rd and last Vexor would return to his death.

I spent the rest of the day cloaked in the plex with the Rapier waiting for them to return, they popped into local numerous times but I suspect that seeing me there scared them off, I did grab a Thrasher in a belt later using the Rapier and another Rifter in one of the plexes using my trusty Wolf, both corpses now residing amongst the collection.

All in all 18 kills including 8 pods using 4 different ships, no losses for me, a good day but kind of unsatisfying. I'm drained and sitting here in my hangar I hope for better days.
I turn on the soundsystem and slump back into my bunk, the music soothing me further.
Darkness envelopes me and a good nights sleep should help ease my unease.

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Anonymous said...

Yay :) Mass murder FTW lol

I love the way people return the plex time after time after time, it's like a learning curve but they don't learn :p

A nice days work Mr Rizzel :)