Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Oh no you didn't...

I've been very lazy recently, in fact I haven't left my home system in a week but that hasn't stopped the targets from coming to me. I've primarily been camping the local 2/10 Angel complex, greifing two particular pilots who have been running it without consequence for a long while.

Keira however wanted to see what all the fuss was about, why people were so willing to die in it. So she had the hangar crew assemble a Jaguar and went on her merry. She decided she would kill the Gistii frigates that were defending it and on her first run she was jumped by an Ishkur pilot.

"Oh no you didn't"

Keira is experienced and quickly started to move away from the Gallente assault frigate with her Afterburner, there was no way the Ishkur could keep up and Keira happily tanked the damage from his drones. All the while this was going on, I was en route in my Jaguar plex hunter named "Maurice" Keira then moved into an easy orbit as to keep the Ishkur in place for me, she had no tackling gear and needed to keep him interested and she did it perfectly, I warped in right on top of him and the carnage ensued. My lock resolved and dsiruptor came on line, guns went hot and at the same time, so did Keira's. He had an impressive little tank but to the combined firepower of the two Jaguars his hull gave way and a shiny explosion brought giggles from Keira.
I locked the pod and returned the pilot to the clone vats via express.

Keira's first final blow

I would later go on to lose my Jaguar to sentries after popping a Rifter outside the station and hanging around to pod him, an expensive lesson and one well learned, get out while the going is good.

An 8 man Rifter gang was doing the rounds, all pilots from the local Republic Military School and reports stated that they had just warped to the station so I boarded my Broadsword Heavy Interdiction Cruiser named "Guards! Guards!" and undocked. The reason for the choice of ship is that it easily tanks under sentry fire and I would need that whilst engaging 8 Rifters which if setup right can cause a lot of damage.
I locked 4 Rifters and they in kind replied, I opened up and one by one they fell, 4 had died when an old friend undocked his Armageddon battleship and joined the turkey shoot, another 4 ships down and a Rupture undocks and opens a Cyno to allow 2 Dreadnoughts to jump in. The party was over as we didn't have anything available to take on capitals but was fun while it lasted. Got to respect new pilots who come to lowsec looking for fun, it's very rare.

Hours later Keira's giggle broke up the monotony of the hangar as she announced over comms that she had scanned out a Raven in a mission, so I boarded "The Fifth Elephant" a Sleipnir class command battlecruiser and made my way to the plex gate, as I came out of warp so did the Raven's scout and the gig was up but Keira had gone back to HQ and boarded a Rapier recon ship, she would come back and wait cloaked inside the plex, simply negating the scout that would be placed on the plex entrance when the Raven came back.
As always, the Raven did come back, hesitant at first as I was in system and his scout did numerous runs into the plex to see if it was clear, the tension building and you could hear Keira grinding her teeth in anticipation. The Raven came out of warp and whilst under cloak Keira settled into an easy orbit, she uncloaked and primed her tackling gear, lock resolved and the warp disruptor went active, now the Raven was trapped I undocked and made all haste to the complex. Keira was taking damage from the Ravens cruise missiles but nothing to worry about, I even had time to pop the scout's shuttle on the way in. Once I got in and had the Raven locked and tackled, Keira departed, her shield systems having taken a battering.

The mission fit Raven is no match for my Sleipnir and soon its hull explodes in a brilliant light, Keira giggling as it does, she had returned specifically to see it.

Farmer Raven 1

An eventful day and quite satisfying, I slept with one eye open, Keira still in the plex, cloaked in case he decided to come back. He never did and the mission was failed.

A new day dawned and with it the death of another Farmer Raven, with the help of DeathStar, CPT NESSAJA and Keira's superb probing skills we crashed a Raven duo, one was busy looting and ended up on the wrong end of a Sleipnir, Astarte and Drake, the other in the next room of the complex was able to escape.

Farmer Raven 2

It's still early and more carnage is likely to ensue, Keira is busy salvaging the wrecks in the latest complex and will return in her Rapier to camp it


Anonymous said...

Great story mate! I think you have that plex locked down tight!

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