Thursday, 29 May 2008

A little violence to cheer me up

Jayne: "See, Vera? Dress yourself up you get taken out somewhere fun."

The Sleipnir: when you absolutely, positively have to kill every motherfucker in the belt... accept no substitues

I had been seething a bit over a Hurricane loss earlier in the evening to a Navy Megathron when WayCharles asked in a shared Intel channel if anyone was up for a kill. Now I don't mind losing ships as long as I can make someone pay, the loss of Bad Karma™ wasn't a hit to my wallet but to my pride and the best way to rebuild it is to make some poor folk regret their decision to come to Eifer.

Way had scanned down a Typhoon class battleship in a belt which was accompanied by a Raven battleship, I sprinted to my Sleipnir class command battlecruiser as we would need all the DPS we could get and nothing says "I'm going to ruin your day" quite like the Sleipnir. The Fifth Elephant™ undocked into the Gusandall night and slid into warp towards Eifer, Way was going in and I was making best speed to join him. I jumped in as Way tackled the Typhoon, I warped to his position and in the seconds it took me to get there we decided that I would try and get a point on the Raven as it was too far from Way. I burst out of Warp, targeted both Battleships, my guns spun up and started to rain down on the Typhoon as I closed the distance to the Raven, a flash lit the belt as another ship entered the fray, a Sleipnir. Game on... I targeted the Sleipnir as it was closest to me and got a point on, the Typhoon exploded in a blinding flash and WayCharles started to close in on my position "Point the Raven" I calmly said, the even calmer reply of "Done" making it seem as if this was just a stroll in the park. The Sleipnir was primary and his shield systems buckled under the ferocious assault of my Sleipnir's 425s and WayCharles' Sacrilege's missiles, it succumbed in a violent flash and our attention turned to the Raven.
That poor Raven, the pilot having an emergency pants moment as the two Pirate ships focused their full attention on him. The Raven pilot joined his friends in their escape pods and they left the system with their tails between their legs.

All that was left was to loot and some friends turned up in salvagers. The fight was so violent and short that they didn't even have time to get combat ships and join the party.

This was not only a good fight but a clean, methodical annihilation of a superior force. Myself and Way grinning like mad in our ships as we headed back to Gus, I desperately needed a cigarette.

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Unknown said...

I think that's the weirdest fit I've ever seen for a typhoon! gg on the triple kill