Tuesday, 6 May 2008

POS Sieges and Ambushes

Wash: "Yeah well, if she doesn't give us some extra flow from the engine room to offset the burn through, this landing is gonna get pretty interesting."

Mal: "Define interesting."

Wash: "Oh god oh god we're all gonna die?"

Mal: "This is the captain. We have a...little problem with our engine sequence, so we may experience some slight turbulence and then...explode."

Funny how things happen, You undock, you scan down a Rifter, warp in, engage and destroy, pod for good measure and then get convoed by the pilot saying what an honour it was to get killed by you.

Last night this happened to me and I had a pleasant convo with Malekar and found out he reads my stories on a regular basis. He also reads flashfresh's blog and due to these has decided to try out the life of Piracy and move out to the Gusandall area. I'm seriously impressed that our stories can move people in such a way.

A game of Pick Up

My day was pretty slow, Keira spent most of it moving some Tech 2 mods down to Gusandall for the market, an untapped resource and something that might supply some much needed income for our operation, the suppliers being some old friends of mine from one of my previous corps. This is something I'm keen to make take off and might be contrary to what Piracy is all about but different aspects of the universe need to be explored and Pirates tend to lose ships and replacing the mods is difficult at best for a lot of them due to being outlaws and not being able to go into highsec to shop.

Whilst sorting it all out and making sure the trader set the correct prices I was contacted by flashfresh asking if I wanted to come out and play. I asked what he would like me to fly and the reply was "Bring Karma"

Boarding my Hurricane class battlecruiser I got everything ready, checked my ammo stores and made ready to undock, flash had assembled a small gang to engage some hostiles in Eifer, however this fight was never to materialise as the hostiles went back to highsec after receiving intel on our movements.

We were however to get a fight tonight, it was reported that a battleship heavy gang was sieging a POS in a system next to Gus. A quick check of our resources showed we could take them on and the assembled pilots were all very keen to engage even though we were technically outmatched.

With intel being gathered it was ascertained that the POS belonged to Outlaw Star, a newish corp to the area and one I have set negative standings to as a result of them hunting in packs, something which a solo pilot like myself needs to be aware of as not to be ganked. Flash was called away due to some urgent business and FC of the gang was handed to me, still gathering intel. I opened up comms with one of Outlaw Star's pilots and asked what kind of defense they could muster and was told minimal at best, we hastily organised standings as we wanted to go in but didn't want to take fire from the POS guns. With most of the details ironed out we were told the POS had just entered reinforced mode and we would need to move quick, flash had returned and I handed FC back.

Order was given to jump in and warp to our recon pilot, as we entered we spotted a Rokh battleship on the gate and it was primaried. We didn't know if he was with the hostiles but weren't going to take any chances and he was introduced to his escape pod. That's when all hell broke loose, the hostiles warped in and the fight was on, the Rokh actually being part of the hostile fleet. Abbadon was primaried with Megathron as secondary and we went to work but the tide of battleships entering the fray pretty much washed us away. We managed to drop the Abbadon and the Megathron but sustained heavy losses and the order to disengage was given, it was however too late for Karma as she exploded under heavy fire, my escape pod instawarping to safety. It's difficult to determine what we lost due to the mixed nature of the gang but it was clear we got spanked. Still was a great fight and all the pilots in our pick up gang agreed it was worth it to go in.

I returned to Gusandall and docked up, adrenaline still flowing, I lit a cigarette and made a cup of Earl Grey. The pilots from Outlaw Star grateful for our help and impressed that a bunch of Pirates would be up for a fight such as that. But such is the nature of the universe that they may yet find themselves in the firing line of the very same Pirates.

My deck crew finish up putting together another Hurricane, Karma once again takes shape. As they leave I turn off the hangar lights, a mixed day but a satisfying one. The adrenaline of the fight now wearing off and sleep imminent, I slump into my bunk.


Anonymous said...

Great summary there Kane. All hell did break loose, didn't even realise that the phoenix was dropped on us until I checked Uma's loss mail. Sorry you lost Bad Karma. I do like the ship.
Also, beautiful touch with the quotes from FireFly. I love that show.


Anonymous said...

Loving the Serenity/Firefly refernces .

It was your blog that tempted me to experience piracy but the call to 0.0 was to strong.

I am still interested in this way of life. Kane you are inspiration to pilots young and old. Keep up the "good" work

Anonymous said...

Nice post, slightly different perspective from flash's makes for more good reading.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kane! Nice blog you have. Reading it made me decide for the 'dark' side of EVE - Thx for that!