Monday, 26 May 2008

Murder and Mayhem

Jayne: "Testing, testing. Captain, can you hear me?"
Mal: "I'm standing right here."
Jayne: "You're coming through good and loud."
Mal: " 'Cause I'm standing right here."

Been a quiet few days for me, been busy sorting out inventories, supplies and liquidating stagnating assets. Keira's been busy making sure the loot from the past few months has been moved to Rens and sold. All in all the wallet is healthy and so are we.

Undock... Pop, Pop... Redock

Sometimes targets come too easy, especially when they sit right outside the station. Thursday evening was one of those times. I had just walked into the hangar when reports of two Hurricanes sitting outside Gus station came in. The various Pirates who call Gusandall home all raced to their ships. The Undock lane became very crowded in a very short time. To us there is no such thing as overkill, only a kill, it's all that matters. The two Hurricane pilots came face to face with two Vagabonds and three Hurricanes. The fight was short and wholly unremarkable. Two dead Hurricanes, one of their pilots podded for good measure.

Plexing my muscles

Sunday night I was nursing a slight hangover, had a great night on Saturday, had slightly too much Jack but I tried to shake the cobwebs out and undocked my Jaguar to see if anyone was trying to run the 2/10 plex. I had spotted a regular plex runner in the local comms net and more or less knew I would have a target. He normally flies a Rifter and was very suprised to find a Crow class interceptor on my scanner. I warped to the ancient stargate, waited and as expected he warped in. Now a curious thing about deadspace gates is you can't set distance to your warpin, you just warp right on top of it. My web and scram primed, waiting, lock resolves my guns spin into action and the Crow vaporizes in front of me. His pod follows suit.

I later caught some strangely fitted ships in a Rifter with a laser, salvager, miner and autocannon sporting a armor/shield/hull tank and a mining Thrasher, the pilot seemingly asleep at the helm.

Where's the Party

Hanging out in Gusandall tonight I saw the Crow pilot from previous enter system again, I undocked and warped directly to the plex gate, he was 30km off it as he had moved away with afterburner as soon as he landed, would be tricky as he had range and could easily dictate it. I engaged nonetheless and tried to close but he was too nimble for me to intercept his orbit. I had taken too much damage and warped out, he followed suit and left system shortly after. I tried to bait him but he has learnt his lesson and won't warp into me again.

There were various reports of targets in the area with a small gang giving chase, one particular bunch caught our eye, a Hurricane, Zealot, Caracal and Myrmidon were running a mission in a system next door to Gus. I tasked a friend with probing them out as the gang got ready, four of us from four different corps, my good friend flashfresh our FC. Our dual Hurricane, Cerberus and Vagabond gang was strong enough to take them on and we were keen as always.

My covops friend had located them nearing the end of their mission and a warp in was hastily setup, our primary target being the Zealot. Order was given to jump in and warp the covops but as local spiked the targets started to warp out, the telltale trails of warp as I burst onto the scene, only the Caracal left and it became the primary instantly. The rest of our gang landed and the Caracal became a memory. A bit disappointing really but things were about to get better as the Zealot warped back in, right on top of me. All four Pirates almost giggling as the unfortunate Zealot pilot had his Heavy Assault Cruiser demolished, he was fortunate enough to get his escape pod out but the job was done, the Hurricane and Myrmidon pilot leaving the system as soon as they could. We waited out our GCC and went back home, the party over.

Succ this

I would also unveil a new toy this evening, a Succubus Sansha faction frigate, a friend had reported tackling a Hawk in a belt next door in Eifer. His Crow unable to break its tank so he asked in a shared intel channel if anyone wanted to help kill it and I naturally said yes as it's what I do. I undocked from Gusandall and headed over to Eifer, jumped in and set warp to his position in the belt. I burst out of warp and my overview resolved to show the Hawk 60 clicks from my position. I hit the deadspace MWD I have fitted and closed to within range of my tech 2 medium pulse lasers, I closed very quickly, in an instant I was on top of him and the DPS that the Succubus can pump out overwhelmed the Hawk. My friend in his crow easily holding range and tackle making sure he didn't go anywhere but straight back to the cloning vat, his pod vaporised instantly by the Succubus as it was ejected from the exploding Hawk. I grabbed the corpse for "The Morgue" and warped to a safespot to wait out my GCC, I left the loot for my friend in his Crow as he did all the work for the kill.

I docked up for the night, I'm planning something special for next weekend and hopefully some old friends will be joining me for some fun. I sat down on my bunk, reading local comm chatter and checking out some setups.

I light a cigarette and inhale deeply.

This is what I do... This what I do

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