Friday, 29 August 2008

I'm going to kill you, you do know this?


-- (Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman, Good Omens)

A Rifter, seemingly innocuous bounces the belts in Gusandall, it's hard to scan him down as he constantly moves. What the hell is he doing? He's not ratting as I warp to one or two belts where he looked to have been and the Angel Cartel rats are still doing their thing, no wrecks, just a belt and no Rifter. I take a moment to start to study his pattern and try to warp ahead of him.

I burst out of warp into an empty asteroid belt and wait, I prime my tackling gear and just as expected the Rifter warps in... 100clicks away, I swing my Rifter around and punch the MWD, acceleration barely felt in my capsule but I hit just over 3km/s. The kilometres count down as I close and he starts to move away, my MWD working over capacity as it starts to overheat, my tackling gear set to overheat as I want every bit of range I can muster. I close very quickly now and in an instant am right on top of him, my lock resolves and all systems kick in, He locks back but does not engage... strange... and then he warps off...

STAAAAAAAAAAAAABBBBBBBBBBSSSSSSS!!!!!! I shout in local comms channels

My left hand starts to throb from punching the command console, the Rifter warps to the station at 100km and just sits there.

Well, this is annoying, I've had a bad day, it's hot, need to get the enviroment controls sorted but first I'm going to dock. I message ahead for my deck crew to ready a 2 point warp scrambler, I was now determined to catch this pilot or my name isn't Kane Rizzel.

It takes only moments for the guys to fit the equipment and I once again undock, Gusandall and Eifer having seen some action earlier as the locals clashed with some other Pirates. The blobs were moving through, an early start to the weekend but I can be so narrow minded at times and this one was such a time.

Rifter. Must. Die!

I sit at a safespot and start to study his movements once again, he's changed, more erratic, might have something to do with a Hawk chasing him. I sit and watch my scanner, narrow arcs sweeping Gusandall's night sky as I try and piece together a pattern. The Hawk has stopped chasing him and he starts his original course, I warp one ahead and wait at 50km.

Damn I'm good, he warps in at 100 once more and now only 50 clicks to close. By now Keira has returned from Amarr space where she has taken a delivery of some significance to NovaKane Inc. She has boarded her Claymore and moved to a Command safespot. My friend in her covops is sitting high above the station feeding me intel.

With Keira's command bonuses I'm on top of the Rifter in seconds, my 2 point warp scrambler kicks in as lock resolves, my guns spin up... HAHAHAHA, I have you know...

Where'd he go?

Oh for fuck's sake, he has at least two warp core stabs and you all just know how I respond to that... don't you?

My right hand joins my left hand in throbbing, that poor command console is going to need some repairs, but at least it's gotten slightly cooler, that last punch scaring the enviromental controls into action.

So, three low slots on a Rifter, at least two stabs, maybe three, Kane was angry and this adversarry was going to die.

I once again docked and had the crew fit another two point scram in place of my stasis web, unfortunately I ran into fitting issues and it wouldn't load properly. Mmm, think Kane, this guy needs to die, you need at least 4 points to make it so, so I ordered my crew to rip out the gyrostabiliser and that allowed me to fit and power the second scram.

Undocking once again I'm keenly looking at the intel being fed to me from high above the station, it seems he's continued his same pattern, I warp straight off to a safespot as the stations sentries have a problem with me, that being they want to shoot me dead.

I listen as my friend reports in and I start to move into position, two jumps ahead I warp in at 70km in case he changes to 50. Lo and behold he warps in at 100 once more and I'm there to greet him.

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition... uhm... I mean 4 points of warp scrambler, Keira's bonuses giving me a massive speed boost and extra range on the scrams, I'm on top of him in the flash of an eye, my lock is quick and sure, my scrams kick in, a beautiful green glow from both assuring me he's staying put, my guns and rocket launcher spit evil death upon his Rifter.
It explodes in a satisfying light display. A wry smile creeps across my face as my systems lock his pod down.

Kane Rizzel > warp core stabs are bad mkay

My guns spin up and a fresh corpse is added to the Morgue.

The killmail is very curious and confuses me a bit but it's still a kill.

Let this be a lesson to you, if at first I don't succeed, I'm going to come back and get you.

I dock up, my hands throbbing, enviromental control has kicked the bucket again and I need some air, could use a smoke and a drink too.


Carole Pivarnik said...

That was so damn hawt.
/me fans herself and tries to control her ragged breathing.

Spectre said...

What's so curious about the killmail? He was obviously just transporting some livestock to his customers in the belts.

Anonymous said...

And kids, Uncle Kane does not like stabs but more importantly - he does NOT give up. EVER.

If you see him in local. Be wary. I know I am. And I count myself as a friend.


Anonymous said...

command ship alt... le sigh...

Kane Rizzel said...

Better than a lame Falcon alt IMO.
My opponents at least get to fight back (When they fit guns)
Reason she gets used is because of the bonuses to tackling range and the speed which allows me to get on top of my targets quicker. There's no nano bollocks going on.
She doesn't get used all that often as can plainly be seen by the majority of my posts.

Also nice use of the anonymous tag there. If you're going to be condescending at least post your name.

Rkik said...

"If you see him in local. Be wary. I know I am. And I count myself as a friend. "

I know I am.

I made the mistake of trying to hunt him once (not knowing it was him by the ship name), and the second he taught me that I needed a better safe spot :D


Anonymous said...

Persistence for the win.

As far as command ship alts go, there's much worse metafaggotry in EVE than running two accounts, that's for damned sure - no need to defend yourself against that sort of criticism imo.

Cold, harsh universe, fair fight = you're doing it wrong, etc. Good show, Kane!

Anonymous said...

This was excellent. Love the fiction element to these entries.

Anonymous said...

Heh heh, nice story. I'd love to know why he was so predictably warping to the belts in an unarmed ship...