Friday, 28 November 2008

Going Postal™

"I believe it's very hard to have fun in Iceland without fish being involved in some way."

-- Looking for a good place to party (Terry Pratchett, Johnny and the Dead)
Painting the system red

Going Postal™ is once more out in Eifer, it's pilot eager to kill something. The usual array of haulers and travellers passing through but nothing of note. The Rifter's primeval scanning equipment shows a Griffin on scan and under the expert direction of the pilot warps into the belt. The scanner is still doing its rounds as it picks up a Vagabond, Going Postal ™ lands in the belt and engages the Griffin but is interupted by the Vagabond, the Rifter's warp engines fire up as the pilot takes the smart option and leaves well enough alone.

The Vagabond leaves but the Griffin is still about, quite obviosuly bait for the heavy assault cruiser.

Going Postal™'s pilot is no fool, well sometimes he's a little too cavalier for her liking which has resulted in many of her kin meeting with a sticky end but he's no fool. She's glad she has such an accomplished pilot, not many of her kind have been so fortunate. He has fitted her with the most high tech gear he could find and is always taking her out on epic adventures.

Local comms shows an aquaintance of her pilot had entered Eifer and he's in one of her kin. A few minutes later another aquaintance popped in flying a Vengeance, the pilots spoke in a shared intel channel as the Griffin appeared back on scan, the Vagabond was back in system and a plan was hatched, spring the trap and engage the Vagabond.

Going Postal™ was ready, this was her reason for being and her pilot was just crazy enough to pull this off.

Griffin was engaged in the belt by the other Rifter and the Vengeance, Going Postal™'s scanner waiting for the moment the Vagabond entered the belt, aligned to insta warp in and go to work.
The Griffin popped just as the Vagabond appeared on scan, Going Postal™ fired her warp drive and was instantly launched into the belt. She landed right on top of the Vagabond, pulsed her afterburner and settled into a nice easy 5km orbit. The other Rifter and Vengeance were already engaging the Vaga, his warp core and microwarp drive scrambled, his speed halted with stasis webs. Going Postal spun up her guns and rocket launcher. The Vagabond launched drones and the other Rifter was slightly too slow to react as he was chewed up by the autonomous drones. Going Postal™'s pilot knew well enough to start targeting the drones, the Vengeance followed suit and soon they were all killed, back to the Vagabond who was now a sitting duck, his guns too big and slow to cause much harm to Going Postal™ as she rained down sweet death upon it.

After an epic few minutes the tank of the Vagabond was broken, Going Postal™'s pilot gave an almighty roar as bits of Vaga rained down on her, Going Postal™ loves the rain.

Mad props to Jorge and Hallan from The Bastards for the epic kill

The Bastards

The Bastards are a great crew based a few jumps away from me and I've been honoured a few times to be invited to fly with them. Tonight as I was sitting in Gus station basking in the afterglow of the Vagabond kill I got a call from them asking if I wanted to take The Fifth Elephant™ out for a spin. They had scanned down a Maelstrom, Myrmidon and Hulk in a system right next door to Gus. Unfortunately they found the quarry to be in a mission/hidden belt so I asked my friend in her covops to go have a looksee. Soon after entering system she had dropped a snoop probe and after three scans got a hit on the Hulk, she warped in at range as not to get decloaked and started to try and get us a good warp in. Unfortunately there were loads of wrecks and drones all over the place so she got as close as she could without getting decloaked before giving us the go ahead to warp in. The assembled gang jumped in and soon we all landed not far from the Myrmidon and Maelstrom. The Hulk was too far away but the other two were already tackled, Myrmidon was primary as the smaller ships tried desperately to get in range of the Hulk but were too slow as the mining barge warped out. No matter, the Myrmidon and Maelstrom would have to do and they did nicely, both being destroyed with out breaking a sweat.

As the gang was going it's own way, a Drake and Myrmidon were reported one jump out, on the gate and engaging, we all rushed on over and introduced the pilots to some good old fashioned lowsec violence. They went down so quickly I barely had time to take note of their names.

I headed back to Gusandall, content with a good nights hunting. Thanks you Bastards, was awesome fun


Carole Pivarnik said...

I love this telling from the ship's point of view! Brilliant.

Jorge Belda said...

bah! i posting skills are lacking,

Anyways man, was great flying with you again! always fun to fly with such a lethal killer such as yourself

Jinko Jar said...

Hey Kane, Excellent writing as always.. i really enjoy your postings.
Want do do a little piece on you for my blog, could you please contact me on my email : .... already did a piece on mynxee :)

Xephys said...

Moar! :D

Not seen a lot of blogging from you, Kane. So, I'm gonna be greedy.