Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Nothing travels faster than the speed of light with the possible exception of bad news, which obeys its own special laws.
Douglas Adams, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
Aah, Eifer... No other system in the verse has brought me as much joy and loads of frustration as her. I was sitting in my usual spot watching the traffic go by on the local comms net when I spotted an Intel channel flashing

Aiko Shinjiro > hrond 6-1
Aiko Shinjiro > gogogo
Aiko Shinjiro > navy mega
mandaro > hrond 6-1 go gog og
Kane Rizzel > omw

I burst out of warp on the Gusandall gate, activating the massive structure as soon as the last trails of warp evaporated off my Rifter

Aiko Shinjiro > with fighter support fyi
Kane Rizzel > I'm in a rifter, he stands no chance

I broke gate cloak in Gusandall and whipped Going Postal™ towards the Hrond gate, straining metal filling my ears as she fought the turn.


Good to hear your voice again sweetheart. The short warp to the Hrond gate feels like forever as the anticipation builds, I just hope I have something to shoot at by the time I arrive. Once again I activate the gate as soon as I land and hit warp to the belt.


Kane Rizzel > inbound

Moments later

Kane Rizzel > told you
Kane Rizzel > corpse is mine YARRR

The Navy Megathron was dispatched even with the presence of two carrier's fighters and the quick lock of my Rifter made sure his corpse would become a meat popsicle.

I returned to Eifer to see if any other unfortunate souls would be about and set about making a Cormorant pilot very uncomfortable, so much so he left the system in a flash of his own pod.
Sometimes I'm a bit too ruthless but I suppose that's like saying a star is a bit too hot.

I head home and dock up, it's been an interesting evening, introspection and destruction. I light a cigarette, take a deep breathe, put some tunes on the HiFi and lean back in my chair.

All I need now is a good nights sleep.


Bahamut said...

Good on you quoting Adams.

Anonymous said...

Aiko Shinjiro > with fighter support fyi
Kane Rizzel > I'm in a rifter, he stands no chance

Carole Pivarnik said...

"...stands no chance" had me giggling...but this is Kane Rizzel we're talking about here, so the ring of truth in the comment made it even funnier. *grin*