Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Kane shuffles his feet

A learning experience is one of those things that say, 'You know that thing you just did? Don't do that.'

- Douglas Adams

The voices in my head no longer talk to me, they just talk amongst themselves but I can still hear them.

It's not always easy flying alone in the dark. There's danger around every planet, death lurking in every asteroid belt and that's just me. Now imagine everyone else.

Every now and again I question if what I'm doing is the right course for me, whether being a solo Pirate is right for me. It's times like this I have to weigh the Pros and Cons of my particular brand of violence. Now I will state first and foremost I will remain a solo Pirate, it's just that the voices in my head sometimes argue that I could achieve so much more. Unfortunately I doubt that will happen and I'll just keep harassing the locals and interlopers to my little corner of the universe.

I've seen what my friend flashfresh has been achieving with the Bastards and it leaves me in awe, he recounts the most recent awesomeness here, bringing you right into the fight. That's some hot action right there as a fleet of frigates decimates battleships and support. That's the kind of action I'm looking for.

Anything can be achieved with numbers and the right mindset. Not every corp is like the Bastards though and flash did well joining their ranks, in fact I think it's the Bastards who did well by recruiting him more than anything else.

Me? Well, I prefer the freedom of being solo, not having to commit to anything I don't want to, able to determine my path amongst the stars as an independent pilot. Like I said it gets lonely but I have Independence chat channel where I can shoot the breeze with like minded individuals. The channel was created by flash when he still operated solo, what a long time ago that seems but it has become a sort of home for me and others who have at one time or another lived in the Gusandall pocket.

Time is the worst place, so to speak, to get lost in...

The loot hangar has been cleared and the ISK from my endeavours has helped the wallet along. Keira has been busy moving things to market hubs. There's a spring in her step, the massive Archon carrier that now dominates our hangar a huge achievement for her and I'm proud of her determination to train and earn it. She made all the ISK for it herself, none of it was taken from my wallet or that of NovaKane Inc. When she first approached me with the notion of getting a capital ship I said "YOU WANT WHAT?" But to her credit she knuckled down and earned the ISK, studied rellentlessly and now I can't stop her grinning.

For me personally there's nothing new on the horizon, I've spent my time studying to perfect certain skills. Many changes have occured whilst I've been on my sabbatical and it'll take me a bit of time to adapt even with the amount of testing I'd done on the Singularity and Multiplicity simulation servers. Not so much to the speed changes, while I held a few speed records, I never used speed as my main tactical advantage but the suicidal ability to get eye to eye with my opponents and slug it out.

The times they are a changing and we need to change with them.

The EVE universe is a harsh mistress and I look forward to introducing people to just how harsh she can be.

I leave you with some local chat flavour

Halkdaff > Hey, Kane Rizzel, soon I shall come for you!
pvp god > mwhahahaha
Aiko Shinjiro > uhoh we are in panic
Kane Rizzel > planet 1, 5 minutes... OK?
Halkdaff > Not so it is fast, but time will come.
Kane Rizzel > ok, well I'll be here, come back soon
Kane Rizzel > bring cookies

Upon entering C9N w/3 Vigils and a shuttle during the BoB/ASCN war 2006:
Mobile Oak > you're going down!
Jonathan Xavier > 100M or pod
MrDetermination > drones are cheating, man
Theris Elistriter > wait...aren't we using drones?
Mobile Oak > economically I think we still win
Hey You > rofl
Hey You > how so?
Mobile Oak > you wasted tech 2 torps to shoot us
Tovar Milendis > In the game of life we are all winners.
Jonathan Xavier > each precision cruise cost more than my
shuttle :)
Mobile Oak > bye now!
Mobile Oak > fly safe!
Theris Elistriter > o/
Hey You > lol
Hey You > laters
Tovar Milendis > Keep this up and we'll bleed BoB dry!


Carole Pivarnik said...

Awwww, Kane. Can't imagine you not being welcomed as an honored guest on a Bastards/Hellcats roam if you ever get the urge for some group love. I know I'd enjoy flying with you. I'd love to rumble with you in Rifters sometime, too--just to see what it's like going toe to toe with your particular brand of awesome. Gonna hafta roll down your way soon, methinks.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mynxee; I wrestled with the same questions that you are dealing with Kane. My answer was this: most of the time I can and do stand alone. Sometimes, even if I don't know it or admit it; I get carried by others, uncomplainingly and willingly.

You have a earned a massive amount of respect from everyone and anyone with half a brain would be honoured to have you fly with them. We'll hit you up with an invite next time there's something on.


Anonymous said...

As both Flash and Mynx have said, you're more than welcome on any roam we do, mate.

I smell a Rifter gang in the works.