Friday, 10 April 2009

Kane Rizzel > tackled bitch

Greebo could, in fact, commit sexual harrassment simply by sitting very quietly in the next room.

-- (Terry Pratchett, Maskerade)

A Dramiel slices through the night sky of Eifer, the pilot keeping an eye on the scanner as three pilots from the same corp are present on the local comms net. A Maller seems to be sitting idle in a belt, most likely bait.

An intel channel flares to life as a pilot in a Broadsword declares his intention to engage. What follows is excerpts from comms channel, I was on voice comms but couldn't talk as it seems the Dramiel is missing its microphone. It's heavily edited as these are the bits of the fight that stand out from my logs.

Kane Rizzel > << Dramiel
Kane Rizzel > maller looks to be bait
Kane Rizzel > other two possibly cloaked

Necroth > yeah im goin in

Necroth > point 4-1

Asssassin X > get the falcon kane
Kane Rizzel > omw

Kane Rizzel > permajammed by falcon

Kane Rizzel > falcon engaged
Asssassin X > kill the fooker kane,,,,,,, go kane :D

Kane Rizzel > falcon running
Asssassin X > lol

Kane Rizzel > killing rep drones

Kane Rizzel > going after falcon again
Asssassin X > sweet :D

The Djego > Drones on the falcon
moliboi > omw
moliboi > too far
Asssassin X > GO KANE!
The Djego > \o/
Kane Rizzel > tackled bitch

Necroth had gone in with his Broadsword to stir the hornets nest, he had tackled the Maller and started spitting round after round at the trapped Amarr cruiser. The Maller is known for being a bitch of a tank and I warped in to see what the commotion was about. A Megathron battleship had decloaked and started moving towards Necroth, I quickly moved in to intercept its course and set about disrupting its microwarp drive with a warp scrambler, trying to make sure it didn't get in range of it's deadly blaster cannons. The intel channel had flared into action as members of Mean Corp started to wake up and head on over to the party. Ships were warping in from everywhere and it was then their Falcon decloaked and started trying to jam the assembled Pirate vessels. I of course am known for my hate of ECM and made straight for the Caldari Recon. I got in range but was jammed continuously for about four cycles. I was feverishly hammering the lock button and was delighted to get one. Warp scrambler kicks in and so do the guns and rocket launcher of my Dramiel.

Falcon gets another jam and bugs out. I head back down to where the fun is and start at the Megathron, lay down the tackle and start killing his heavy armor maintenance drones that were keeping the Maller alive. I kill four when the Falcon re-enters the fray, so off Kane goes again and is quickly locked and jammed by the Falcon who by this point is probably a bit worried by my presence. The Pirates send their drones after him and as I get in range the ECM fails and I get a lock. Falcon goes down hard and I try to lock the pod but it warps out sharpish, I return to the main fight as the Megathron explodes, his pod snagged by one of the Mean crew, I fire a few rounds at the Maller and it too violently explodes, this pod not quick enough to get out and a corpse joins "The Morgue"

A massively enjoyable fight, unexpected as there was no formal gang, just a bunch of people out on a Friday night for some fun and chaos. Props to the Dark Skullz Empire guys, a nice fight, you just met up with the Evannater welcome wagon.

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Asssassin X said...

Was a very fun fight, I was hyper for it lol