Saturday, 21 November 2009

My business is violence and business is good

The kraken stirs. And ten billion sushi dinners cry out for vengeance.

-- (Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman, Good Omens)

Back in Black

Quite an eventful return from my leave, which is always good.

The Gusandall pocket has been quiet as of late with regards to solo hunting and with this in mind I've spent a bit of time hanging out with the Mean Corp crew. Not to say I'm not trying to solo hunt but I've found hanging out with the delinquents of Gusandall is always a good laugh.

Over the years the friendships I've struck with many of the Mean pilots has grown and whilst it has been rocky at times I enjoy flying with them and it can be extremely rewarding.

This evening I was just hanging about the hangar, checking up on some stuff, taking care of business and looking at prices for a new addition to the NovaKane fleet, which Keira will pilot. More news on that in coming weeks. Laneth was about in the black and mentioned there was a Maelstrom class battleship docked up. Fortunately I was all set to jump into a Pod and get plugged into a ship, Nanny Ogg would do nicely and when Laneth spotted the Maelstrom undock it was time.

Nanny Ogg slid effortlessly out into space, just in time to see the Maelstrom warp towards the Eifer gate, At speed from the undock I entered warp immediately, hot in pursuit. Bursting out of warp on the Eifer gate my Abaddon joined Laneth in a Megathron and Colonel Kurtz in a Tempest. Not wanting to engage and watch the Maelstrom jump through to Eifer, we locked and waited, he warped back to the station. We followed, of course we followed.

The Maelstrom pilot now made a mistake, he warped back to the Eifer Gate where Kurtz was waiting, his Tempest ready to engage and force the pilot through to Eifer, which he did but as Laneth and I landed we jumped through immediately, the trap sprung. Laneth and I engaged, Kurtz waiting out his timer so he could jump in and join, pvp god in an Ishtar joining the merriment. The Maelstrom's strong tank gave in, explosions rocking it from bow to stern as it expired.

Nicely executed.

Minutes later it all kicked off, a small gang had been spotted. Laneth, Kurtz, pvp god and myself were ready, myself waiting at the Mended Drum whilst Intel was gathered. They were all waiting on the Gus gate in Eifer, plan was to send bait in and get them to engage. It didn't quite work out as we had planned. Bait went in just as they jumped into Gus, me in warp to the gate where the incoming hostiles were coming from. I landed as the first few started uncloaking, Nanny Ogg now the bait. My overview lit up like the eyes of a fat kid at an all you can eat buffet. Primaries called by Laneth as they all joined, my armour now dipping into the red. Nanny Ogg stood firm as the hostiles decided to change tactics and primary. GOD's Ishtar now taking the bulk of the fire. My drones were chewing through whatever too their fancy as the Blackbird successfully jammed my locking systems for a good four cycles. Meanwhile god was going down, we could not stand for this as one by one the primaries fell, other ships exploding due to drone aggro. With the fight firmly in our favour the remaining hostiles fled, leaving wrecks and abandoned drones in their wake. All in alll a good fight, one loss in the Shape of god's Ishtar but we had inflicted on them two battlecruiser, three cruiser, one frigate and one destroyer in losses.

Good fight.

We would later catch a Drake and Harbinger in two seperate engagements in Gusandall and Eifer, the second with me in a Zealot heavy assault cruiser.

Still in the Zealot we decided to take a trip through a wormhole which dropped us in Kor-Azor lowsec, 85 lowsec jumps through conventional travel away from home. we tried in vain to get an engagement out of the locals before heading home. Luckily for us the wormhole was stable enough to let us get back, saving us a very long trip.

As we trickled through a small gang of assault frigates jumped into Gus, they headed straight for the Angel 2/10 complex, we followed hoping to catch them before they entered, only managing to get the Ishkur as the other two were launched deep into the dead-space complex. Not detered by this, Zonk and I docked up to grab ships that could enter the complex. We gave chase and were rewarded with two further kills as the Hawk and Wolf both hung around too long. Some nice loot off the Wolf.

It was getting late as only god and I were up, we chased a Maller into Eifer, god in an Eos and me in a Rupture, the Maller obvious bait but what the hell, you only live once (As a Capsuleer this can be quite annoying as it's a bloody long time being immortal) Trap srpung, Setries doing heavy damage t god and myself when a Drake joined in. I managed to get out, but god was far off the gate, tackled and losing drones and armour to the combined fire of sentries, the Drake and Maller. I decided to go back in, see if we could at least drop the Maller, with 25% hull left this was going to be a short trip, it was, my Rupture not lasting much longer, god was going down and I hurried back to Gus to grab Nanny Ogg, but it was too late, god's Eos expiring just as I undocked from the station. I hurried back to Eifer as quickly as possible but as I jumoed in the Drake had scampered back to the safety of highsec.

A Typhoon presented quite a nice snack before god in a Phobos and me in Nanny Ogg called it a night. I headed back home, rather drained from a good evening.

Thanks guys, really enjoyed myself.

I slump into a couch just off the main hangar, a nice cup of Earl Grey and a cigarette my reward.

[OOC] Killboard still dead and other news

I've been away for the past few weeks in South Africa on some well deserved R&R, depending on how I feel this week before I go back to work on Friday I'll be setting up a new personal killboard. I'll be starting from scratch and hope to fill it with many, many explosions. Apologies to Mean Corp and Hellequin for linking their boards in this post but it gives the best information with regards to this evenings happenings.

The silly season is almost upon us and with that my schedule at work goes mental, December will be quiet on the EVE front as Real Life™ once again take over every aspect of my life.

January however promises to be very interesting as various NovaKane and Rizzel projects take off with me hopefully being able to dedicate more time to this wonderful game.

Stay Classy