Wednesday, 25 November 2009

[OOC] New personal killboard

Not having the patience or energy to revive my own killboard on my hosting I went with the free board supplied by EVE Service Corp as suggested by an anonymous comment on this blog.

It seems to have some kills on it already, obviously posted by people who use their service already. It's a shame I lost all my old kills but them's the breaks.

So here it is.


Yargok said...

Oh, nice one for a free killboard.

Pretty smooth too.

Heh, in that latest apoc kill your wingman flies a funny ship:
Aiko Shinjiro
Mean Corp
Mean Coalition
Exequror Navy Issue
Hornet I
Damage done: 3,948 (8%)

Wensley said...

If you plug in your API it should pull back most of your old kills. I think you can get it to synchronise with Mean's killboard too and it will pull in stuff from there. Then again, there's nothing like a clean slate to make you go out there and rape and pillage.