Monday, 25 January 2010

Halt, it is the time of the hammer

It's a metaphor of human bloody existence, a dragon. And if that wasn't bad enough, it's also a bloody great hot flying thing.
-- Captain Vimes ponders his problems
(Terry Pratchett, Guards! Guards!)

Its been a good day, quite a lot to shoot, some good loot and some fantastic fun. I wish all days were like this one.

A new business partner has successfully fulfilled her duties in providing me with things to shoot, even at the risk of her own ship at times. Her skills aren't as good as our other partner in crime but she's getting there, she has talent and a lot of potential.

A good 25 kills today, some solo, some in gang with the M34N crew and a quality 1v1 versus a Harpy pilot that has visited Gus in various ships in the past.

The Dramiel is a fantastic ship, better than before it got 'fixed'. I was probably one of the few who flew it before as an armour tanking super Rifter in combat. The respec has done wonders for this amazing looking vessel and I'm going to fly it to death.

This particular specimen has been with me for close to two years now and has and continues to serve me well

Also took the Navy Armageddon out into the black, to introduce a Fenrir freighter pilot to our special brand of violence. He logged his critical systems twice to try and save his ship but the tenacity of the locals knows no bounds and such action bring out a rather nasty vindictiveness. I'm sure when he wakes up in the cloning vats he'll rethink his actions and how they affect others.

Today I caught covops enjoying the wonders of lowsec, ratters in belts, explorers trying their luck, people trying to run the gauntlet that is Gusandall and frigate training ops. The loot hangar is filling up once again.

Piracy is good, it warms my black heart

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Carole Pivarnik said...

Reading your posts always warms my heart :) No matter what I am currently doing in New Eden, you make me want to saddle up my solo ship of choice and just fly simple, bold, and deadly. ♥