Friday, 22 January 2010

In a hole

Brutha tried to nod, and thought: I'm on everyone's side. It'd be nice if, just for once, someone was on mine.
-- (Terry Pratchett, Small Gods)

The last few days have seen me roaming with virtually no targets about. Whatever was in system was either docked or at a POS so I was feeling a little down.

The Dramiel was desperate for blood and I kept moving on to the next system, continually scanning for any sign of life.

I jumped into Todifrauan, hit scan and was pleasantly surprised to spot a Drake in a belt, desperate to shoot at something I warped in knowing I wouldn't be able to break its legendary tank. I just wanted to shoot something, anything. Little did I know it would escalate to an awesome fight.

I was orbiting the Drake at a rapid rate of 7km/s when my overview lit up. Drake, Brutix, Armageddon and Rifter.


A swarm of drones start to chase me around the belt. I decide to call for a little help and I know just the bunch of delinquents who'd be bang up for this.

Kane Rizzel > hole bunch of fuckers here
Marovinchian > how many?
Commando Jaxx > ?
Marovinchian > ships?
Kane Rizzel > 2 drakes, brutix and geddon, rifter
OriasV > I am a hole fucker
Commando Jaxx > omw kane
Marovinchian > i'm in baddon
Commando Jaxx > what are you in?
Takayo > OMW
Kane Rizzel > dramiel
Commando Jaxx > you holding them off?
Kane Rizzel > yeah
Commando Jaxx > we'll be there soon
Marovinchian > vent?

I couldn't get on voice comms as I was busy trying to evade the chasing cloud of drones and as you can see, my typing took a dive. HOLE!

Takayo > were coming mate
Kane Rizzel > geddon pointed
Takayo > like 4 of us
Takayo > woop
Marovinchian > should i jump in?
Kane Rizzel > if you want, two drakes and geddon here

Takayo > here we comeeeeeeeeee
Uma Thurman > bettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Commando Jaxx > fuck long warps!!
Kane Rizzel > jammed

Takayo > belt Kane?
Takayo > warp isn't working
Takayo > belt
Marovinchian > which belt
Takayo > ?
Commando Jaxx > what belt!!!??
Marovinchian > warp crap

I'm still flying around like a mad man and trying to kill the Rifter, so not really paying attention to fleet chat

Kane Rizzel > 1-1
Commando Jaxx > belt
Commando Jaxx > what!
Marovinchian > rgr
Commando Jaxx > in warped
Marovinchian > pri?
nominruil > geddon
Kane Rizzel > geddon still tackled
Marovinchian > spread point
Commando Jaxx > aye
Kane Rizzel > brutix back
Commando Jaxx > drake pointed
Kane Rizzel > I killed their rifter tackler too

I was wrong, he warped out at 5% structure as I'm a nub and lost point.

Commando Jaxx > lol
Commando Jaxx > they fail
Commando Jaxx > that drake out of point range

Not for long

Kane Rizzel > tackled

The Geddon and Drake drop, Brutix and other Drake warped out when local spiked

Kane Rizzel > thanks guys
nominruil > kane you're a crazy mofo
Kane Rizzel > I couldn't take em on my own

The M34N crew have my thanks for making all haste to get to Todi. It was about 6 minutes from when I got on the batphone till they arrived and I was in stitches of laughter

Exert from local
Kane Rizzel > gf btw
Ovno ConSyquence > i a fucking idiot
Ovno ConSyquence > gj lads
Ovno ConSyquence > we totaly got suckered
Commando Jaxx > gf
Kane Rizzel > thanks
Uma Thurman > why i am always primary??
Uma Thurman > gf btw
Commando Jaxx > LOL
Kane Rizzel > that was awesome
Gesadt > come back any time
Uma Thurman > ;)
Kane Rizzel > wait, did that rifter survive?
Uma Thurman > you guys live here?
Gesadt > yep
Gesadt > i got away
Ovno ConSyquence > not for long sadly
Ovno ConSyquence > and as you may be able to tell were getting complacent
Kane Rizzel > damn, how low structure?
Gesadt > prolly about 5-10%
Kane Rizzel > that was an epic fight for me, I had to get on the batphone
Ovno ConSyquence > that wasnt even my geddon =/
Ovno ConSyquence > good fucking job tbh
Ovno ConSyquence > gotta love t3h dram
Kane Rizzel > yep

I warped to a safespot, mainly to let the adrenaline subside a bit, not being on voice comms I missed the start of another fight in the same belt in which a Falcon, Maelstrom and Megathron engaged the M34N crew. Late to the party I eventually got my shit together and got in on the Mega and Mael kills after the Falcon was dispatched

An overview of the fight.

The perspective from the M34N killboard

This... Was... Awesome

I was absolutely buzzed and the adrenaline rush is still coursing through my veins as I type this.

We hurried back to Gusandall as a Carrier had jumped in but as we got close it docked.

The locals were also in a buzz earlier as a Nyx supercarrier had jumped into Eifer but cloaked up before moving on to its next destination so we weren't able to fully welcome him to our corner of the universe.

A great night for me, worth the trip.

Thanks once again to the Gus locals for an epic assist ;)

Time to crash, the adrenaline has burnt me out and it's time to try and sleep.


Nashh Kadavr said...

Brillant! next time let me know you are in the neighbourhood!

RPS sucks mayor balls and needs to be pewd as much as possible so well done!

Eben said...

Who exactly is Mayor balls and which part of them do we suck?

Zanaraxtarus said...

Point made Nash...
Thanks for clarifying Nash's statement Eben, for those of us who may not have fully believed him... ;-)

Calderus Rex said...

Awesome fight mate. Love the small gang battles that require every ounce of skill and get the blood flowing. You're lucky if you can find one of those a week - but when you do, its worth it.