Saturday, 9 January 2010


There was a thoughtful pause in the conversation as the assembled Brethren mentally divided the universe into the deserving and the undeserving, and put themselves on the appropriate side.
-- The Elucidated Brethren see the light
(Terry Pratchett, Guards! Guards!)

Exhumers are starting to thin out all over New Eden. Hulkageddon II is in full swing and while I may not make top spot, my aim is to at the very least make the top ten in kills.

Here's a hilarious clip from youtube:

Keep on mining


Dexter Tripod said...

That clip is HILARIOUS! God love whoever makes those things. :)

John Holt said...

This thing has been used to death, but it's still funny.

Jabberwocky said...

I wouldn't call it funny. The video has had so many differnt subtitles done to it , it has become an internet meme. One that has gets more boring with each new versone of this.