Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Harpy - That which snatches

"But ye gotta know *where* ye're just gonna rush in. Ye cannae just rush in *anywhere*. It looks bad, havin' to rush oout again straight awa'."

-- Feegle tactics (Terry Pratchett, The Wee Free Men)

The black welcomes me, like a prodigal son returning after a long absence, her cold embrace a reminder of why I do what I do.

I am Kane Rizzel, Pirate, freelancer and trouble maker extraordinaire, my home is Gusandall in the Evannater constellation of Heimatar, a home for over three years and a good home it has been.

The Angel Creo-Crop complex is a favourite haunt of mine and has in the past provided some excellent fights and more than my fair share of losses but it can be very lucrative. When targets are spotted trying to run through it, I make it a priority to run out the Gusandall welcome mat, in the shape of me.

Name: Harpy
Hull: Merlin Class
Role: Assault Ship

Already possessing a reputation despite its limited initial circulation, the Harpy is a powerful railgun platform with long range capability and strong defensive systems. Formidable both one-on-one and as a support ship, it was referred to as the "little Moa" by the pilots who participated in its safety and performance testing.

Developer: Ishukone

Ishukone created the Harpy as a long-range support frigate for defense of Ishukone holdings as well as increased muscle and visibility in the constantly shifting game of cold war the Caldari megacorps' police forces play amongst themselves.

Caldari Frigate Skill Bonus:
10% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret Optimal range per level

Assault Ships Skill Bonus:
10% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret Optimal Range per level
5% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret Damage per level

A Harpy piloted by Buschi was spotted trying to run the complex a few times but each time I got there, the Harpy had bugged out. Once, twice, three times a lady, I was getting a touch frustrated but persistence is key to success as a Pirate.

After having warped in a third time and narrowly missing him I warped to a shallow safe, spamming my on board scanner for his position. I got a hit once again in the direction of the plex and warped straight in. The curious nature of the plex made me burst out of warp right on top of him and it was imperative I gained distance on him, to get out of range of his blasters. Lock resolves, warp scrambler glows green and I open up with my pulse lasers. Harpy is a touch slow on the uptake and seems like forever before he locks back and starts to engage, by this time I have gained approximately 7.5km and am now in my sweet spot.

My knowledge of Harpy fittings led me to believe he would be blaster fit as it is very common, their short range would make range key to this fight.

His damage is negligible but my pulse lasers are rocking his verse, his shields bouncing around as he furiously tries to rep. He hits armour with shield booster still running but as he hits structure, the Harpy violently explodes, the fragile hull not up to the task.

Quick on the draw I lock his escape pod.

Buschi > ouch
Kane Rizzel > 25mil and you can go
Buschi > wait i'm checking accounts
Buschi > hm lets see
Buschi > ...... yuo suck .... lol
Kane Rizzel > lol
Daplat Mode > :)
WayCharles > compliment to succubus pilot right?
Kane Rizzel > :D

A very reasonable offer for an experienced pilot but he chose poorly so I scooped yet another corpse for The Morgue.

And yes, I was flying a Succubus, not something many people fly these days, many choosing the high powered Dramiel but I like to do things slightly differently.

The Succubus is one of the most feared frigates ever to harrow the space lanes and asteroid belts of civilized space, and with good reason: tales abound of its superiority over ships twice or three times its size. Whether you believe this to be fact or rumour, the Succubus will still strike fear in your heart.

Special Ability: 100% bonus to Small Energy Turret damage

Amarr Frigate Skill Bonus: 7.5% bonus to Small Energy Turret tracking per level
Caldari Frigate Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Small Energy Turret damage per level.

Once again I have missed an important date, I have been a member of NovaKane Incorporated for 3 years and 11 days. So belated happy anniversary to myself :P


Flashfresh said...

Kane schooling others and showing us how it is done. Keep on rocking my friend. Gusandall is your home and everyone should get a bit of the 'Rizzel Welcome'.


Robert Caig said...

Always a pleasure to read your posts, so is good to see another one up.

And a belated happy anniversary to you sir.