Monday, 31 May 2010

[OOC] Please fix it...

There's a thread in the Assembly Hall of the official EVE Online forums that could use your support, if both my regular readers could do so it would mean an extra two thumbs up.

It may be an exercise in futility but you just never know.

[Proposal] CCP, commit to excellence. No features left behind.

In other news, I have given in and ordered some new parts, to get the gaming rig back up and running, against the express wishes of my financial advisor.

So pretty soon my rig will be sporting:

Intel Core i7-860 Quad @2.8GHz, 8MB cache
Asus P7H55D-M EVO motherboard
1GB ATI Radeon HD 5850
160GB Intel® X25-M 2.5" SSD
800W Quiet Quad Rail PSU

I decided to upgrade a few other bits as the rig was starting to show its age, over four years old, initially built to play Oblivion but I got hooked on EVE shortly after.

Much of the hardware like the DVD writer, X-fi fatality soundcard and storage drives will survive but the heart so to speak is being replaced wholesale.

Hopefully I'll be back in game soon™

Edit: Also a big congratulations to Colonel Kurtz/Laneth, the CEO of Mean Corp on becoming a father.


Dan Pool said...

Jumped out of Capsuleer to sign up to the proposal, if even half the readership of the eve blogging community signed up that would be ... lots O.o Mebbie CCP will see it and do something?

Random question Kane, do you need that much memory? I have a very similar rig but only have 8GB. There was a Tom's hardware article a while back saying that 16GB didn't give much advantage over 8. Very few applications will address more than a 1GB (32 limitation still coming through to 64bit code) so I think that 16GB saw something like a 0.4ms speed increase overall. 8GB means I don't really need a swap disk though.

Also, not that I think you'll have a similar problem with 160GB but I have 2x32GB OCZ SSD in a RAID 0 config and I now have to be really selective about what software I have installed (look up winsxs issues with vista/win7, makes small capacity SSD a PITA). Space concerns have gotten bad enough I'm considering going back to a conventional RAID 0 with mechanical disks. The minister of finance says no to a larger SSD :(

Anonymous said...


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Robert Caig said...

Thanks for posting the link to that thread Kane, I wouldn't have come across it myself (although Mynxee did throw it in her latest blog post :P).

Needless to say I've been urging everyone I know to read the thread and post their support.