Sunday, 23 May 2010

Suck it up

Always be yourself... unless you suck.
Joss Whedon

Nothing gets my black pirate heart pumping more than the prospect of a carrier kill... Well there may be one or two things but killing a carrier is right up there.

When Asssassin X reported a carrier at a POS with a small support gang it was a thing of beauty as the locals got their shit together and prepped for what would hopefully be total carnage.

With not much notice a covops was put into place and it appeared from her reports that the carrier and friends had just set up a POS in Ingunn and they were repping the shields. Scimitar, Maelstrom, Harbinger, Myrmidon and Thanatos sitting outside of the POS shields happily going about their business. The covops moved into position for a warp in, our tactic involved rushing in and burning everything, a masterful tactic it is.

The assembled fleet of Pirates was shiny to say the least, Bhaalgorns, Machariels and assorted sharp bits with dual Guardian support, there was crime to be done and gosh darn if we didn't intend to do it in style.

With the covops in position above the carrier, the order was given to jump into Ingunn and warp to her position. Like clockwork, the Mean Coalition clock ticked, then tocked and in we rolled.

Support fleet was to go first, Myrmidon primaried with Harbinger secondary, they dropped rickety tick and the Maelstrom felt the full force of the Bhaalgorn's neuts and the fleet cut through it like a hot knife through butter. Carrier was now at our mercy as the Scimitar pilot had left the field.

All fire on the Thanny. Just as he entered armour he went into Triage, which technically means epic tank, but you can't tank if you have no capacitor and Bhaalgorns fuelled by a dual Guardian battery sucked the carrier dry.

He ejected a Myrmidon just as he popped and boarded it, but unlucky for him it was dispatched sharpish. The battle only lasted about seven minutes but was deadly efficient.

With nothing else to shoot we incapped the guns of the POS and ransomed the owners, ISK for the ability to remove their POS without further loss. They agreed and have 24 hours to leave Ingunn.

Chaching! Some ISK to line our pockets and substantial loot to play with.

Mean Coalition, aggressively negotiating your safety :)


Unknown said...

NICE KILL!! I know these guys that you killed and believe me if I was there I would have joined in the fun with you. It is lovely to see people like that die without mercy. Keep up the good work.

Asssassin X said...

I had fun :D

Flashfresh said...

Great kill Kane! To you and your alliance.