Friday, 25 February 2011

ISK and Consequence


-- (Terry Pratchett, Feet of Clay)

I said this yesterday in a chat channel somewhere in the universe:

[ 2011.02.24 23:36:33 ] Kane Rizzel > again, if you have the isk, spend it, no use hoarding it for a rainy day, when I engage you, it's fucking raining

Some highsec residents have taken up lodgings in a system neighbouring Gusandall with super capital support. They run between lowsec and Emolgranlan on a regular basis and tonight there was a Jaguar loitering in Gusandall but as soon as I got near he would bug out.

It was only a matter of time before they got the requisite numbers to deal with me and I was spoiling for a fight.

Eventually the Jaguar hangs around Gusandall too long, I start hunting, he warps to celestial at different distances and eventually settles on the 2/10 plex. By now there is a cloaked Nemesis in system along with his friends next door in a Wolf, a Dramiel, a Malediction and a Hound.

Tall order, that it was, but, perhaps it was time to die.

I warp to the plex, he's in there as shown by my on-board scanner. I warp in, he's 30 clicks off, but instead of closing I start to widen the gap, Afterburner at max, burn away.
I get to about 60 clicks when his friends jump in and warp to the plex, the fight would be on, I would make my stand, here and now.

They enter the plex and the Malediction is fastest at 4km/s, I wait for him to get close enough, turn around and melt his face, Wolf is close behind, thicker skin than the Malediction but closer than the Dramiel and a more pertinent threat.

All attention on the Wolf, he does have a thick skin, or so it seems as he's taking some time to go down.

By now the Dramiel has caught up and I turn my attention towards him but I have taken too much damage, more so than my armour repairer could deal with, Sgt Angua, the mighty Sgt Angua explodes... Taking most everything with her :D

It was a good fight, one which took probably the better part of two hours to get but boy was it a rush and this why me and those like me do what we do.

Sgt Angua served me well and like very few other ships, impressed me every time she took to the cold of space, even her last fatal voyage was one where she exemplified what Kane Rizzel and NovaKane Incorporated are all about.


Naoru Kozan said...

Haha, I love that none of the Faction mods dropped. Sounds like a great fight.

Arrhidaeus said...

Why a Malediction would ever get within web range of a Daredevil blows my mind, but then again, I never actually put rockets on mine.

Sounds like an intense fight! Daredevils hold a special place in my heart as the "Oh god if you actually get within my blaster range I WILL DESTROOOOOOY YOU" awesomest frigate ever. When they don't get into blaster range though...