Friday, 18 February 2011

The Raptor

The Death of Rats looked up from the feast of potato.
SQUEAK, he said.
Death waved a hand dismissively. WELL, YES, OBVIOUSLY *ME*, he said.
-- (Terry Pratchett, The Truth)

It's been a quiet few weeks for me, my time focussed elsewhere but I did get up to mischief last night with my good friend Jonathon Xavier, who is having an awesome time since moving to the area from nullsec.

We won some, we lost some but in the end I think we broke even but what mattered most is we had a laugh.

This evening however, I haven't been up to much until I spotted Syreon 514 flying a Jaguar. Since I was already in Sgt Angua I undocked and warped directly to the 2/10 plex as Syreon likes to try and farm it.

I landed on the gate as he warped into the first room, activated the ancient accelerator gate and followed him in.

As I entered the room I was dismayed to see him warp directly out :(

Kane Rizzel > run isk farmer
Kane Rizzel > run

It was while lamenting his cowardice that I noticed a Raptor class interceptor on scan

Kane Rizzel > Silas, fancy a 1v1, your raptor vs a rifter?

I made warp for the station and entered said warp just as the Raptor entered the first room of the 2/10.

Kane Rizzel > bugger, I just left
Kane Rizzel > wait right there

I docked up and made ready a Rifter class frigate

Silas Hangman > ha ha ha
Silas Hangman > not with rat agro

He said, obviously not wanting to fight inside the plex.

Kane Rizzel > I can bring a rifter if you prefer
Silas Hangman > nah, i wanna test it against a DD

Now this was a surprise to me, I thought by offering a 1v1 against my Rifter he would bite but wanting to go up against my Daredevil is just madness but I'm willing to indulge madness.

Kane Rizzel > ok, form fleet and we do it at a safe

I offer the usual terms to a 1v1 and he accepts, forms fleet, makes a safe spot and tells me when he's ready.

I warp in, he's opened up a 150km gap by the time I land. I Lame Kane™ to close the distance and he starts to do the same at a rapid rate, at about 30 clicks he engages, still too far for me to even lock.

Afterburner to 100%... Overload
Web... Overload
SCRAM... Overload

Once within 10km I hit my guns, they glow a pleasing green and the Raptor explodes.

A short but rewarding fight and props to Silas for taking it.

Just a note, If you see me in a channel and I don't respond, it's nothing personal I promise. I'm busy with other things and may be distracted for extended periods of time.

Stay strong and never surrender.

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